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So…you’ve made your mind to use your vehicles as a marketing source to drive in new customers and double the sales right? Great idea! But where would you start to attain this objective since you have very basic knowledge about vehicle branding Dubai ? To make things easy and understandable, here are some useful tips that we always share with our customers that intend to benefit from vehicle branding services in Dubai. Follow the tips, consult with your service provider about the possibilities and beat your competitors in supporting your brand awareness campaigns, special discount offers and many more things that you can do with vehicle branding services.



The marketing itself is a broad term and you need to be specific about the objectives that you want to attain by investing in vehicle branding services. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve by imprinting something on your vehicle’s exterior? Is it you want your customers to memorize your brand name or if you want them to call on a certain number (particularly to your customer care)? Even imprinting your website’s link is a useful way of driving traffic and gain more visitors. Be very specific about your objectives that you want to achieve through vehicle branding services as you won’t want your vehicle to look like a notice board right?



In vehicle branding services, you need to go creative and make your message, concise, clear and engaging using any side of the vehicle. Suppose, you run a cab service that offers multiple services than just picking the customers from their address. Don’t you think that imprinting other services though catchy lines on back door would be effective instead of considering other parts of the vehicle? Be very clear about the message you want to broadcast through that medium as your focus is to make people take certain actions when they read/see something imprinted on your vehicle. Decide whether you want to list all the services, offer a discount or make people visit your work premise for booking or something else when considering vehicle branding services in Dubai.



While planning out the design, you don’t forget that placement of the text or intended message would matter and decide the fate of your marketing results. Suppose, you are offering 5% discounts or giving 1st service hour free to the customers then make these important characters bold, bigger and more attractive in comparison to rest of your message text. Play around a little bit when finalizing your design layout before imprinting the film on your vehicle as it would help you make your investment secure. Try different sizes, color schemes and adjust the core word/character in different places to see where it serves the purpose best.

If you still feel confused then don’t hesitate in taking suggestions from the providers of vehicle branding Dubai as they always have something to suggest you to make your marketing more fruitful and aligned according to your key objectives.

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