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Are you an SMB owner trying to make it big in Dubai’s progressive market and have no idea what can be your best marketing tool? You might be spending thousands of dirhams on marketing costs but missing one very powerful source to attract that crowd and convert it into the potential buyers – the front window. To realize the value of that front window, and the magic of window tinting Dubai, we have some very useful tips for you. Read on and discover how you can get noticed by those passersby that hold a strong chance to buy from you.


Increase Sales

You run a business you must have realized the importance of offering a discount or running a promotion in timely manner. But have you ever considered using that big window front that your shop has as a marketing channel? Imagine how many people pass by the shop and very few of them notice you due to the plain glass window. One way the providers of window tinting Dubai can help you increase sales is by turning that glass window into a news board of your business. Try the branding vinyl window film and display a discount or any promotion on your front window.


Grow Social Presence

That big glass window gives you an awesome view of the sunset in the evening and the crowded road but there’s another way that you can use this big section of your shop. You run an awesome business but how many people stay connected with you online or how many likes do you get on routine basis? The best thing about window tinting Dubai is that you can use typography feature when installing a window film on your glass window. Means you can advertise your social profiles to passersby and secure the big front window simultaneously. And all these amazing features come in same price as you’d be paying for a simple window tinting activity.


Attract Customers

Businesses that go unconventional in their marketing efforts gain more customers, more exposure and ultimately more monthly sales. And this wide window can do more wonders than providing a simple view of outside by acting as a marketing executive of your business. The providers of window tinting Dubai offer a wide variety of commercial window films that are totally customizable according to your business needs. How about you imprint your logo or business name to make people remember your business and turn it into a brand rather than a random shop? This way, you can easily advertise your business to the crowd and invite them to try your services/products.


Impress Everyone

If imprinting discount sales or business name sound too common on your shop’s front window, you may also try some creative ideas for attracting customers. You may broadcast an inspirational message or any famous quotation that relates with your business. This way, you can surely attract (or sometimes impress) people that are either doing window shopping or intend to purchase something from businesses like you. All you need to do is ask the providers of window tinting Dubai the possibilities of imprinting that quotation, size and about the availability of the color scheme of your choice.


Can you spot that one thing that you always feel missing from your premise even when you spend so many dirhams on yearly basis? When you live among the glass windows and doors, don’t you feel lack of security that these fragile glass based items create? Using safety and security films is a wise option to eliminate these concerns to keep your apartment, shop or office safe round the clock. But the question rises, why would you spend money on installing a security window film on your glass windows and doors? Being one of the leading providers of window tinting Dubai, we’ve some convincing reasons for you to consider safety and security window films and feel safe within your premise.


Theft Reduction

Suppose, a burglar tries to sneak into your premise to steal something very precious when you’re either sleeping or away and the place is counting on the alarm system and police response. Do you think that the alarm system is enough to hold back that thief or you need something else to stop the person till the police arrive? The safety and security window film acts just like that one thing that you need to hold this unwanted guest for long enough. The manufacturers (and providers of window tinting Dubai) use a special technology in these safety and security window films that make the fragile glass firmer even if the person shoots a bullet to shatter the glass. Where a fragile glass breaks down quickly with few blows of a baseball bat or a bullet, the security window film increases the shattering time to up to 3 to 4 minutes. And that time is enough for the arrival of help and arrest the troublemaker.


Heat Reduction

If you think that safety and security window films come in handy for theft prevention only then you’re lacking some important information with respect to their usage at the fullest. Where safety and security window films prevent burglaries at your place, they also allow you to reduce heat consumption. Because apart from burglars, there is another troublemaker that is trying to intrude – the UV rays, remember? The providers of window tinting Dubai are aware of city’s heating conditions and how it doubles the electricity consumption of your place. So they came up with a unique idea to add this feature in safety and security window films that prevent theft as well as UV rays intrusion in your place.


Cost Reduction

As stated above, the core objective of installing a safety and security window film is to reduce burglaries and prevent excessive heat. But you might want to know how these safety and security window films may reduce costs right? Firstly, these safety and security films cost less than installing a new glass in your window or door so you can stay relaxed with respect to their costs. Secondly, when you’re consuming less electricity for maintaining temperature through these safety and security window films, the utility bill will automatically reduce down from the current figure. This makes investing in safety and security window films a wise investment and all you need to do is finding a professional provider of window tinting Dubai.


Life in Dubai is fantastic if you have a stable job, an ideal family and a residency at the best location from where you could see the whole city moving in a beautiful rhythm. But have you thought about the risks you face on routine basis but ignore just to get to the work? By risks I’m referring the weak points of your apartment that insert the seed of terror in your life. Being one of the leading professionals of window tinting Dubai, we often encounter with such cases where people have a poor security plan for their residency. To keep you at safe side, we’ve outlined few signs that would help you locate the weak points in your apartments and get your comfort back.



Have you realized that what is the easiest way to sneak into an apartment like yours? Do you trust those locks and door knobs when going out or you have a little feeling deep down into your heart that this security layer is not trustworthy enough? To your surprise, that little feeling is an indication for you to consider either replacing your door knobs or change the way you secure your house. Being the busiest city of UAE, life in Dubai is quite fast and you have to manage your security matters all by yourself rather than relying on building’s security service because that’s not enough. As one of the leading providers of window tinting Dubai, we always recommend our customers to use an electronic security system that is attached to their mobile phones so they can always check back things at home when traveling or busy at the office.



The fact that most apartments in Dubai use a huge amount of glass based objects in which the windows lead just for the sake of increasing the beauty of your apartment is another serious concern with respect to your secure life. The problem with these glass based items is that they are very fragile sometimes and anyone can sneak into your premise and make your life a mess. As a leading provider of window tinting Dubai, we’ve introduced advanced safety and security window films that give your glass a sturdy feature and make it shatter proof. Life’s unpredictable but we can always be ready to face the uncertainties and these safety and security window films are designed just by keeping this fact in account so you can stay worry free with respect to your apartment’s security. The good thing about these safety and security window films is that they come in very affordable prices in comparison to those huge interior designing expenses you earlier faced while renovating your place.



Have you ever felt that some uninvited eyes are chasing you even in the comfort of your premise? This is a very common situation when you’re living in a glass house, or at least have large windows, that you can’t feel safe anymore. For all those unwanted eyes and neighbors with chasing habits, we have a permanent solution in shape of our privacy window films that come in different textures and color range to match with your interior’s settings. So take the action now and add the privacy using our expertise of window tinting Dubai.


Running a salon successfully in city like Dubai sometimes bring additional challenges like keeping up with the expectations of your loyal customers and maintaining the service quality. Along with old clientele, you’d want new customers to grow your business so here we are with some decoration ideas for your salon. Being the providers of window tinting Dubai, we’ve worked with different salon owners and here is the decoration pattern we’ve observed in Dubai’s top salons.



So tell me…what would your customers see when they first enter your salon? In most cases, the walls play very important role when it comes to attracting and impressing the new people. So the very first thing that you need to do is to paint them with vibrant hues and add a ‘wow’ factor in your salon’s ambience. You may go with different gradations of a single color or try mixing different hues to make the place livelier. Whatever you do just make sure that each corner resonates with your salon’s core values.



We’ve worked with different salons of Dubai as the providers of window tinting Dubai and we learnt that successful salon owners make best use of light and illumination. Adding light into your decoration gives your clients a feel of personalization and they stay happy during their visit for any particular treatment. Now here’s the trick that most people fail to understand and that is to use same conventional white bulbs. Instead of staying conventional why don’t you break the rules and play with colorful lights that emit very interesting beams to attract everyone? This approach always works and your salon would look very amazing especially during the evening.



You’re running a salon, you would be dealing with different glass based items in which windows and doors are on top right? Instead of using plain glass windows and doors, you may customize the appearance of your salon by using the services of window tinting Dubai. There are different premade window tints that offer a vibrant range of designs and textures. Secondly, the benefit of using window tints (by professional window tinting Dubai) is that they add security to your vulnerable glass windows and doors. Apart from the security features, you can always customize the window tints into your best interest to market any particular service that your salon offers.



As stated above, the window tints give you so many benefits and one of them is the customization facility that they have. Instead of using texture based window tints to treat your glass windows and doors, you may add graffiti in your salon’s decorations. This way, you may go creative and break that conventional appearance that most salons usually have in Dubai. Ask the providers of window tinting Dubai if they offer customized window tints and give your glass doors and windows a new life. So stand out using the services of window tinting Dubai to attract more customers and beat the competition with amazing decoration strategy.


The application of window tinting is not just limited to, your car’s side windows as you may break conventional home renovation barriers with them. If you’ve rolled your sleeves up for decorating your apartment, then you may benefit from the professional services of window tinting Dubai and make your place attractive with frosted glass tints. Still no idea how you may do it? Keep reading and discover the ways you may use to decorate your apartment using different frosted glass stickers.



We spend a lot of money on our bathrooms to make them look luxurious and in line with our living standards right? What if I tell you that you may enjoy a luxurious bathroom, especially the shower area, by adding the glass partition having frosted stickers without spending any huge amount? We have plenty of premade frosted sticker designs that you may choose and also we take custom orders to design on your demand. Forget the expensive tiles or any accessories and benefit from the frosted stickers that are very economical in terms of cost.



According to the traditional way of designing a kitchen space, the cabinets are made of wood, but with frosted stickers, you may change their appearance and enjoy the elegance of your kitchen space. Imagine your kitchenware being displayed through transparent glass that is covered with partial visible frosted stickers? This way you may increase the charm of your kitchenware and impress your guests with all new arrangements while showing them your new decorations.



Windows are a great source to get inspired during the morning as they show us a glimpse of the city. From a city view to sunlight and many more, windows make our life easier but when you’re up for a renovation session of your apartment they become a tricky part of the activity. So to solve this challenge, we highly recommend trying our wide range of attractive frosted sticker designs for your windows of any shape and size. One of the benefits of installing frosted stickers on your windows, using professional window tinting Dubai, is they spread the sunlight in a dramatic way and give your space an amazing feel.



If you want to add an elite feeling in your lifestyle, frosted stickers can help you in achieving that superior lifestyle. By using a professional service of window tinting Dubai and a wide selection of frosted stickers for your doors, you may add charm and style and make your doors more adorable with creative designs. You may inscribe specific quotes that related to different sections of your apartment or display a beautiful pattern on your glass door using frosted stickers without spending much on your renovation activities.



Like the kitchen cabinets, closets are also associated with plywood for a durable life, but you may still go creative and add a new style into your closets. Instead of installing plywood closets, you may go with glass doors and the use of frosted stickers further makes them look appealing to everyone in the first glimpse.


Whether you sell stationery, run a jewelry shop or dealing with other type of products, your shop acts like a loyal partner to make your business successful. Given the fact that most people judge your shop from the outer appearance it has, we believe that frosted glass stickers can help you add more glamour into your shop’s outer appearance. For further highlighting the importance of Frosted Sticker, here are some features that you can add into your glass windows and doors.



The primary reason for using window tinting services in Dubai and installing those frosted glass stickers is due to the customization option they offer. Whether you have old style windows or looking a permanent solution to secure fragile glass, you can find all shape and sizes of frosted glass stickers. You may order premade designs with accurate size measurements or some window tinting service providers may even accommodate you with a custom size and shape of your desired frosted glass sticker.



The key to attract potential customers is to install glass doors and windows for displaying your product range. But the glass brings a risk of breakage that eventually increases your maintenance expenses. The reason to suggest you frosted glass stickers is due to their affordability feature. Whether you just want to secure entrance area or protect glass windows from unfavorable situations, you just need to spend few dirhams and forget about any such problems. Install frosted glass stickers and add style with affordable prices in your glass doors and windows.



When it comes to decorations and beautifying your shop’s exteriors, frosted glass stickers also prove a wise approach. From colorless frosted glass stickers to wide color range and texture pattern, you get a wide range of styles for further decorating the appearance of your shop. Whether you want to install graffiti or showcase your business name in abstract art pattern, you get all these features in frosted glass stickers for making your shop an ideal place for transactions.



No matter if you’ve installed elite quality glass in your doors and windows your business is always at a risk of getting damaged from UV rays. This is one of the uncontrollable issues for Dubai’s citizens and frosted glass stickers come with a unique proposition to eliminate this risk from your life. The UV protection feature of these frosted glass stickers not only helps you to secure the inner place against killing sunrays but also help you in sustaining the energy consumption to ideal level.



One of the primary reasons that you should consider frosted glass stickers when decorating your shop’s doors and windows is the shatter proof quality it has. Breaking in and burglaries can’t be ignored especially when your shop has more glass than walls so you better be ready to tackle these burglars and night crawlers that might damage your business. The shatter proof feature of these frosted window films increase the duration of breakage that gives you plenty of time to call police or some kind of help to prevent the incident from taking place.


Whether you’re starting a new venture in Dubai or an already established business, the need of renovating and decorating the workplace arises every now and then. You might have planned to give your workspace a new look with new color range or add new furniture but what about the windows that protect you from sand, sunlight and heat? So here are few benefits that you get with window tinting Dubai and wide range of window films that have different applications to serve you in Dubai’s hot and humid temperature.


Energy Efficient

No matter if you’re operating from Business Bay, Downtown or JLT, the building would be protecting you with large glass windows. Regardless of glass width, the windows alone are inefficient to reduce abnormal energy consumption. In such circumstances, the sun control window films are an ideal option to be placed on your glass windows. And the best part is, you can choose from so many trendy designs and textures to match with your interior settings. Benefit from window tinting Dubai and sun control window film’s wide design range while decorating the workplace.


Versatile Designs

The window films are not just to strengthen your fragile glass as they offer you much more feature to meet your style standards. Yes! For adding spark into your decorations, you don’t need to relay on colorless transparent window films as they also come with different textures to meet your interior arrangements. If you have different glass cabins or separators in your office space, you may try one way vision window films that come with customization options with respect to textures and typography. This way, you not only get privacy but also an opportunity to make your workplace a creative and fun place to work in.


Multiple Shapes & Sizes

When you make your mind for trying window tinting services in Dubai, you don’t need to worry about the size and shapes your glass based items have. The window films can be cut according to desired size of your glass doors, partitions and windows without any further expense. On top of that, you can easily avail the window tinting services for any shape of glass.


UV Protection

With wide range of textures, these window films also help you combat against UV rays that may mess up with your furniture’s finishing. Even when the temperature is on boiling point, the UV rays may affect your skin and create health issues for you. And you wouldn’t want to work in an unsafe place so these window films become your first choice when decorating your workplace.



When you plan to renovate the workplace or make few changes at office, the main concern is the cost. Decorations might cost you much but adding few extra dirhams wouldn’t hurt when you get all these features in window films right? As a matter of fact, the window tinting services in Dubai are not as expensive as you would be spending on other items to decorate the walls, entrance area and windows. You get protection, elegance and comfort by spending about 100 to 200 dirhams through these window films.


Are you tired of spending money on the vehicle and still not feeling satisfied with all these benefits it has to offer you? Do you feel something missing in your car that makes you upset about owning it or tempt you to purchase a new car? The idea of getting new car might sound interesting but before you go further and sign any papers, here are a few benefits that you can have with Car Tinting Dubai and make your current car an ideal one. So before waving goodbye to the old one, read these benefits about car tinting services in Dubai.


Controlled Energy Consumption

As a matter of fact, the car you drive on a routine basis is made with steel, plastic and the fragile glass adjusted to your front, rear and side windows. This combination of different material impacts on the temperature within your car but you have the AC system installed in it right? When driving in killing sunlight of Dubai, you might want to increase the AC temperature to feel cozy inside your car that ultimately increases energy consumption. A better approach is to install sun control window films and to keep the temperature in control. The sun control window films help to stabilize your car’s temperature and you won’t have to adjust the AC as frequently as you do now.


Less Glass Breakage Chances

The reason majority of people prefer car tinting Dubai for their windows and rear mirror is because the simple glass is vulnerable and can be broke easily. Imagine you find your car with shattered glasses and the worse situation is when you leave something very important into back seat of your car. But when you install sun control films in your car’s windows, you have an extra protection against these vulnerability issues. So act now and add this protection layer in your vehicle to stay away from negative thoughts and unfavorable incidents.


No Glare Issues

While driving into Dubai’s widespread roads, the only problem a driver is likely to mention is the distracting sunrays that sometime prove a hurdle in smooth driving experience. With sun control window film’s special mechanism, you’ll find the glare issues up to 0% as they have been designed to keep the excessive light and reflection out of the window. So whenever you plan a long drive anywhere in Dubai, you don’t need to think about these glare issues or wearing those shades to avoid any distraction. Plan out, drive away and enjoy the ride in your car using car tinting Dubai services.


No Faded/Hot Seats

Encountering a situation when your seats are hot is quite common, especially when you are using an open parking space. When your car is exposed to direct sunlight while you’re away, it not only makes the interiors hot but also the seats and dashboards lose their finish by constant sunlight. If you don’t want to experience such circumstances any further, sun control window films are the right answer for all your queries. Make use of car tinting Dubai services and stay away from any such vehicle related problems for good.


Keeping customers happy is a tough job especially when you are working in a competitive market. So what’s the secret that makes your customers visiting your place back to back and even refer others to your amazing restaurant? While providing our services of window tinting Dubai to different food chains and restaurant owners, we’ve noticed a few ways by which successful restaurants keep their customer happy. So let’s discuss how you can improve customer experience in your restaurant and keep the sales chart going upward.


Friendly Staff

Think from a customer’s perspective and ask yourself that why would you want to visit a restaurant rather than eating at home? People want something especial when they plan to eat out either alone, with friends or when accompanied with a special person. So are you ready to give them that special treatment at your amazingly decorated restaurant or they have an unwelcomed feeling while entering your restaurant? Make sure each staff member is friendly and courteous with the visitors that they get this special feeling while visiting your place.


Timely Serving

Now come to the main reason that why would anyone visit your place and that is to taste those delicious dishes you’ve listed in your menu. The success of your restaurant also depends on the serving duration because if your customers have to wait for too long, they’ll give your service a poor rating. So invest in your cooking staff and make sure they ready every order in the minimum time required if you want to captivate those loyal customers that visit you frequently.


Segmented Themes

Whether you work for 24/7 or start the shift at noon and serve your customers late in the night, you need to restructure your restaurant’s theme according to each time period. Now think of the customer types you see on a routine basis and in different times of the day. When people visit you during the day, they have a different mood and expectations from your place. In a similar manner, when they visit you in the evening, they might be a little tired and seeking refreshment either through your tasty food or by the ambience the background music creates. So think over it and see what works for you.


Less Irritation

As mentioned above, the place is occupied during the day with people having a different mood than those visiting your restaurant in the evening. Like the majority of restaurants, if you have large glass windows and doors, you need to be careful about the sunrays that may ruin their mood. You may consider installing sun control films on your glass windows and doors that would help you keep the distraction issues away. The sun control films and window tinting Dubai services offer you distraction free feature that keep your customers engaged in their activities without being disturbed by the glares and distraction by sunlight during peak hours.


No Faded Furniture

If you are to choose between two places in which first one has everything finished and the second one offers the same facilities with faded furniture, which would you choose? You’ll go for the first one for sure so why do you expect your customers to choose the one with faded furniture? The sun control window films and window tinting Dubai services also help you keep the furniture anew for longer time period. So make the right choice by securing your furniture from getting fade by those killer sunrays.


No doubt that Dubai is one of the amazing cities to live in and prosper in your professional life but the killing sunlight may prove a hurdle in your routine business operations. Despite of being the place full of facilities, this emirate is still finding new ways to deal with sun light and the chaos it may create from time to time. So how are you going to survive into this heating scenario where you are sweating badly even when the AC is on and you have all the necessary facilities to combat the heat? One smart way is to consider sun control window films and benefit from the window tinting Dubai to beat the heat and enjoy your routine work life.


No More Glare Issues:

If your office is on top floor that is facing direct sunlight then you might have experienced the glare issues either when typing on the screen or when briefing the board members about new plans your business has. This is one of the most irritating situations when you can’t see the screen properly and you have to change your directions frequently to find the right angle for seeing the text. With sun control films, you have proper control over the glare and reflections the glass creates mostly during the day. Install the sun control window films and say goodbye to these glaring issues for good.


Save Your Fixture:

So you have recently renovated the office or changed few items in your assets right? Are you sure about their durability or you are looking to polish them after a few weeks? The need of getting things insured arises when you know there would be any unfavorable incident that may affect the charm of your furniture. To your amazement, there are specific group of people that do not worry about such issues because they have sun control window films installed on their glass. Yes, sun control window films also help you save your furniture from fading away and looking older too soon.


Block UV Rays:

If you’re operating from the Business Bay or any popular area of Dubai that has amazing building for business oriented people then you should not neglect the risk of UV rays. Because they can be a threat to your profession life and create various other problems that may affect your productivity level at work. Sun control window films are especially made to block these UV rays out of the building and let you enjoy the risk free workplace.


Enjoy Natural Light:

The reason most people prefer sun control films rather than relying on bare glass windows is that they are designed to let the natural light in only. Means once you have installed them on your glass windows facing direct sunlight, you don’t need to worry about different kind of problems the sunlight creates during heated seasons. So enjoy the natural light coming through the window and forget about any skin sensitivity the sunrays may cause.


Reduce Energy Costs:

One of the most important reasons that you need to consider sun control window films for your business is that they help you keep the electricity costs low. When you use window tinting Dubai to install sun control films, you can deal with heat and electricity problems and the unbalance consumption that usually cause huge amount of utility bills that ultimately affect your business expenses.