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As an owner what precaution do you take to make your windows safer and stronger in the presence of burglary risk? If you’re like most people who fail to add preventive measures to their homes, offices or cars, you’re still away from the true application of 3M Tinting For Windows Dubai. So, let’s discuss some of the key reasons why you should install 3M window films into your glass and how it benefits you?


The view feels very pleasant when the sunlight enters the place through a small window, right? But if the sunlight enters with too much light, we feel agitated and there’s a valid reason to feel that way. From different studies, it has been discovered that sunlight contains certain elements that are not good for human skin or any surface if it’s under direct contact. One of the reasons for recommending 3M Tinting For Windows Dubai is to add preventive measures that let only a certain part of sunlight that is non-harmful for any surface or human skin. So, technically by installing the window films on your windows, you become the in-charge of sunlight access.


The continuing form above mentioned condition – that excessive sunlight without any preventive measures can impact negatively on the surface – the most vulnerable surface is the furniture items. If you have a living room with large (or small) windows then your living room furniture is at risk of getting faded sooner than its time due to direct sunlight contact. One of the reasons for recommending 3M tinting for windows Dubai is to enable you to preserve your furniture’s newness. You can extend the life of your furniture by simply making the addition of 3M window films into your window’s glass and you’re all done.


If we study the pattern of AC usage, we find that due to hot weather in UAE, the majority of people are forced to keep their AC systems on. This leads to additional costs when they pay for the electricity bills at the end of each month. But…what if you don’t have to keep the AC system on and you can still enjoy a perfect temperature? Well, this is possible if you add a window tinting film on your window’s glass. And that’s one of the reasons for suggesting 3M tinting for windows Dubai as it maintains the interior weather and keeps the influencing elements out.


With the correct application of 3M tinting for windows in Dubai, you can bestow your windows an immense power to bear any pressure. You can prevent burglaries and get help from the nearest police station to catch the culprits. This is another reason that the majority of people prefer tinting their windows so they can increase break-in time which is enough for local protection forces to reach your location. So, contact a tinting expert today and get your windows tinted to lead a peaceful life.

Dial +971 58 138 0494 now to get the best solutions if you’re considering 3M tinting for windows in Dubai.


Do you feel agitated from constant sunlight, hot temperature and scratched windows while on the road? Well, you’re not alone to experience these things as there are hundred other drivers who report the same displeasure. But among these hundred drivers, there are few who have discovered the key to dealing with such issues by using Car Window Tinting Dubai. To give you a more realistic picture of how car window tinting solves your (above mentioned) problems, here’s a short list of benefits that you can expect from this new technology.


While the simple car window just blocks the wind from coming inside the window tinting film offers you more power to reduce energy consumption which is a major concern of drivers. Let me explain how? To avoid hot air and heat from coming inside your car, you keep the air conditioner on which causes a major issue of energy waste. But those who use car window tinting Dubai are less likely to use their AC during the drive and they can maintain the ideal temperature of their vehicle’s interiors. And this is how car window tinting benefits you in preventing energy waste.


As stated above, UAE’s temperature remains hot during the day and this creates problems for the majority of drivers. There are individuals with sensitive skin and they can’t tolerate excessive heat which results in discomfort and various skin problems. With a simple addition of window tinting film in your car’s windows, you can put an end to this heat problem and preserve your skin in any kind of weather condition. This is another benefit of using car window tinting Dubai for those with sensitive skin or heat-related allergies.


Speaking of skin-related issues…there’s another problem for vehicle owners and drivers in the shape of UV rays. Yes, UV rays create problems for you on the road but with the proper application of the solution, you can easily reduce their influence on your skin. Basically, a standard car window’s glass fails to stop harmful UV rays from entering the vehicle. But if you apply window tinting film on your vehicle’s glass, you can prevent these UV rays from entering your car’s interiors. Because a window tinting film only lets the non-harmful sunlight elements into your vehicle and this is how using car window tinting Dubai helps you in controlling the UV rays.


One of the key qualities of window tinting films is that they prevent glass breakage. After several tests and approval from industry experts, the application of window films can protect your glass from instant shattering. And even if the burglar uses a specialized tool to break the glass, the tinting film extends the normal time (which is few seconds) to 3-4 minutes which is quite enough to call help from the nearby police station. This is another astonishing benefit of using a car window tinting Dubai.

Dial +971 58 138 0494 now to speak with our key account managers and get the best car window tinting Dubai today.


A sunny day, good mood and lots of customers coming into your shop and what else you need to feel lucky, right? Now imagine the sunlight that is making your face glow on road is proving to be an irritating element in your routine work then how would you feel? Offended…no doubt! As the providers of window tinting Dubai, we always ask our customers to stay extra cautious if they operate from a location that is directly in contact with sunlight and UV rays. And majority of business places in Dubai are in constant contact of sunlight that affect not only your health but business activities and inventories if you don’t use precautions. So here’s your guide to discover the vulnerable place of your workplace and how sun control window films can prevent any unfavorable situation at your premise.


What is Sun Control Window Film?

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Before we go further to evaluate different aspects of sun control window films and wonders of window tinting Dubai, here’s a little introduction of sun control films.

As you see that the humongous planet in our universe – the Sun – emits light that helps us in seeing everything with our eyes with clear vision. Back in 1801 a German scientist discovered a rather dangerous side of sunlight that had both benefits and harms to human health and termed it as ultraviolet (UV) ray. It was further divided into 3 different categories according to its strength and severity to human health i.e. UVA, UVB and UVC.

The first 2 are one of the most notorious and talked about forms of UV rays that create problems for human health and damage the surfaces when passed through plain glass. So scientists came up with a window film that could protect us from the harmful effects of UV rays in form of sun control window films. They come in different types but that’s the discussion for another day (or post maybe). So let’s move on and get back to the business!


Vulnerable Places

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So now when you know about the harms UV rays pose to your health and valuables, let’s move on to understand some of the most vulnerable places of your commercial premise. See there are many ways from which the light can enter the premise and our focus should be preventing the hazardous elements of the sunlight that offers no good but disturbs the normal course of life – Yes, I’m speaking about UV rays.

  • As a matter of fact, the most vulnerable place of your commercial premise is the entrance area that has a glass door. If your premise is one of those places that are situated in direct sunlight at Business Bay or on another famous commercial area of Dubai then you are in danger. Not only you but everyone that is making their presence could be affected by the UV rays.
  • After glass doors, the windows are one of the common items that let the UV rays pass through them during the day. As majority of shops and offices usually have large windows so the amount of UV rays is double in comparison to small windows.
  • Third of all, there are glass based ventilators that most offices and shop owners have in their facility. They let the light pass through them and with light the UV rays also make their way into your shop.

So being the providers of window tinting Dubai, we highly recommend you to install sun control window films at these main areas of your premise.


Benefits of Installation

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Are you still in doubt? Don’t worry as we have more to enlighten you about the benefits of sun control window films. So read on!

  • Sun control window films are designed especially to combat the intrusion of UV rays to minimize the harms they pose to your skin cells and appearance of fixture.
  • These films are not very expensive and can be installed on a nominal cost so you don’t have to worry about increased amount of installation expenses.
  • Sun control window films come in different formats and color scheme to match with your exterior’s setting so that you can select the one that is in line with your wall paint and other aesthetics.
  • These window films also come with a guarantee with a lifetime guarantee (usually 5 to 10 years) to minimize the maintenance expenses you usually have with plain glass.
  • These window films are also very useful for maintaining the heat consumption within the premise that sometimes increases your expenses.

We, at Sun Care Window Films, provide complete installation support and multiple sun control window films range to meet your commercial needs. You may always reach to us at +971543227806 to book an inspection with one of our window film expert.


In our profession of providing window tinting Dubai, we often hear our customers ask the same question that why do they need to tint their glass-based items. We live in a modern age and our life is surrounded by those glass walls, windows and doors that make the premise look attractive. But the question still remains unanswered that are we really safe behind those glass walls, windows or doors whatsoever?

Since there is another option of getting those windows/walls and doors secured with a specialized window tint but very few people know about their application to the fullest. So we thought why not write about the tints and glass that protects us from dust, theft and all possible unpleasant events while we’re in our office building or enjoying the meal at the dinner back at home.



Since there are different available options that you may consider for your glass based items, both in form of glass or tinting films, the decision making phase becomes tough. So here’s a little comparison of the types – which we commonly use – to help you make a wise decision. The selected types are based on the popular options that people use in their premise with a short comparison between glass and tinting options:

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Solar Control
  • Safety & Security
  • Mirrored Glass


A very common type of glass – that we use in buildings – is the thermal insulation glass that is created using different glass layers. It is basically used to maintain the temperature of a room and contain the energy within the covered boundary. If you’re on a budget and want to receive the same feature, there’s an alternative of this medium in shape of specialized window tinting films.

When speaking to the service provider, do mention this feature and you may know more about the kind of technology it is made of and how it can benefit you. For your relief, it is cheaper than the thermal insulation glass sheet both in terms of general costs and installation procedures.



See…you already know what’s the biggest challenge of Emiratis, don’t you? I’m speaking about the sunrays and the distractions they create from time to time, right? As a wise approach the builder would usually use solar control glass that prevents any harmful effect that the UV rays bring in with the light.

Since they perform different functions than a normal glass sheet, they are costly. Even if you have regular glass sheet installed in your building, window or doors facing direct sunlight, you still can keep the UV rays out of the premise. The sun control window films provide just the same feature and on a very nominal expense. They can be applied to any type of glass that requires the exceptional feature to prevent UV rays effects within the premise.



As the glass is a vulnerable and fragile substance so the concerns with its durability always find way into our mind, right? Some would suggest installing toughened glass – that is commonly known as gorilla glass – to prevent any unpleasant event. But there are certain elements that hold people back from investing their money in this type of glass in which the cost tops the list.

Secondly, they might be not a very good choice for your window type due to limited options in color. This is why we offer specialized safety and security window films to accommodate your specific needs in terms of making your place securer and attractive simultaneously. And on top of that, you can avail different color options to match with your other settings within the premise.



You probably have seen a reflexive glass window that looks exactly like your bathroom mirror, have you? The concept behind it uses a metal sheet with the glass layer for creating this effect that looks attractive. There’s a problem with this kind of glass that we often see in our buildings, windows and doors that when they get hit by a forceful substance, they get scratches and sometimes smash down.

The cracks are very visible and you have to spend all the money again for maintaining the area. Suppose, you’ve installed a window tinting film instead of that mirror glass on a normal glass sheet to obtain the same effects and it gets scratched. The plus point here is that you can simply change the window film with the new one instead of replacing the whole glass sheet.



I hope this answers all your queries but if you still have a small element of confusion in your mind then you need to read this:

  • Window films are more durable than the fragile glass sheets that eventually reduce cost and maintenance expenses.
  • Window tinting films are cheaper in terms of installation and maintenance expenses.
  • Window tints offer a wide variety of films to customize the place according to your interiors
  • You can install window tints to almost any type of glass based surface for adding creativity, sustainability and durability in its appearance.
  • Tints contain multiple features like heat control, UV rays prevention and multi-patterns to be selected according to your needs.
  • Window tints are easy to install and replace whenever you want to change the interior arrangements.
  • Window tinting films come with a guarantee of 5-10 years which means you again save money in account of replacement and maintenance.

We offer complete range of window tinting services in Dubai for apartments, offices and shops that match your tinting needs. Just call us on +971 543227806 and get the price estimation from our key account managers to get your glass tinted today.


No doubt the glass is an excellent approach to showcase all your beautiful articles in that furniture showroom that you own at Dubai’s best commercial location. You renovate the place every 3 months keep changing the arrangements according to coming festivals and even put periodic discounts to entice the potential buyers, don’t you? Even after making all these efforts what’s missing from your marketing plans that could help you generate more sales and attract more customers towards your amazingly designed and manufactured furniture items? The secret to your success maybe lies in the application of window tinting Dubai that could do wonders for you in unexpected way. Keep on reading and discover how window tinting services can benefit your marketing strategies in creative and less expensive ways.



Since your furniture showroom needs large windows at the front to attract customers, you can’t simply avoid the sunlight that also comes in through these wide sources. The issue here is that sunlight snatches away the newness and shine of your furniture items and they look old that no one would want to buy. When we talk about window films and window tinting services, there’s a reason behind recommending them as they hold the key to prevent such situations no matter how warm the weather or how killing the sunlight is. We recommend securing your front window with sun control window films that would protect the items that you intend to display and preserve their newness by blocking the UV rays that causes the fading issue.



The idea of using creative marketing means to attract and convince the buyers to make purchases never gets old and you can gracefully add this element in your marketing strategies. The application of window tinting services in your furniture showroom brings different possibilities for you to display different items in a creative way through a branding vinyl window film. You may get people’s attention with a seasonal discount on furniture items, customize different sections of same kind of furniture items and do wonders with your marketing strategies. And the best part is that you don’t need to spend huge amount of money to do so. Get relevant suggestions from the providers of window tinting services in Dubai and tweak your sales chart with your creativity.



As mentioned above, the glass offers different benefits when you want to display furniture items through glass based showcases and big display windows but it also has a flaw. The glass is weak to stand still in odd situations and that can pose a serious issue to your business. Suppose, a family brings in their kid to purchase some furniture items at your showroom and the kid throws something at the glass that leave it in pieces. Or maybe something hits the front window and the glass shatters down in pieces but the question is how can you prevent such situation from taking place? Installing safety and security window films can be a wise decision and help you add a safety layer in your glass based items on a very nominal price.


Running a toy shop from Dubai’s top commercial locations is not an easy task and who else can understand this fact more than you being the owner of such place, right? Where it has promising opportunities of growth, it also comes with different challenges and the biggest one among all is the security of those little angels that wander here and there during their visit at your place. So what’s your plan to keep the safe without interrupting their amazement with all the toys and playing area arrangements? Yes, since most of the sections involve glass at your toy shop so we thought point out some key benefits that you may expect from window tinting Dubai. Read on to find out the application of window films, its affordability and how it may serve your business.



From cash counter to display and those wide front windows, everything involves glass and you have to be more careful with respect to their safety in comparison to other non-glass based items, right? In doing so you might have to use a bit harsh attitude to keep everyone away from such items. That is not only for the protection of these items but also for the wellbeing of these people that is mostly consists of children. Being the providers of window tinting services in Dubai, we recommend using security and safety window films to give your glass based items an element of strength instead of sounding offensive. The window film holds the glass together in odd situations and keeps you away from a scenario in which its small particles are spread all over the place. So try that and stay worry free!



Many people hold back with the idea of renovating the place due to a hefty amount that goes into expenses for changing the look and feel of the place. But timely renovation is the need of every business to adapt itself by the taste of customers and win the competition and being a business person you know its value already. Here’s the good news! You don’t need to bear humongous bills in account of renovation expenses when you make your mind for getting the glass based items tinted in your toy shop. Yes, window tinting services won’t cost you more than a few bucks based on your tinting needs so you may get in contact with the providers of window tinting Dubai and get your toy shop a layer of safety on affordable rates.



As mentioned above, the need of adapting your business location with customer’s taste in timely manner is one of the symbols that you run a successful business. Since you sell toys, you should benefit from illustrations and other ideas so the children could relate with your shop’s environment and find the place useful to feed their entertainment thirst. And the good thing is that you don’t have to hire architects to reshape the whole appearance of your shop as the window films would do the job and let you customize the place in creative manner. Wait no further and contact a provider of window tinting services in Dubai now and give your toy shop a desired appearance.


Running a shop in Dubai’s top commercial locations comes with different challenges that you cannot ignore in order to maintain the sales flow and successful business executions. Apart from customer attraction, fair dealing and generating profit, the most important issue is to maintain a calm and comfortable environment of your shop that matters the most. Is your shop secure in terms of environment and glare issues that may distract customers or are you finding a way to fix such issues? Being the providers of window tinting Dubai, we have helped many small business owners in maintaining an ideal atmosphere in their shops that involve glass based items. So here are a few recommendations that we’d like to share from our experience of providing window tinting services in Dubai.


Heating Problems

Most shop owners invest a huge amount in air condition system to welcome their customers with a pleasant environment when they open the door. If you’re dealing with heating issue in your shop even after getting your AC system checked several times then the problem could be the windows that let the lights in. Yes, the glass based items fail to keep heat out in Dubai’s warm and killing sunlight and when your shop is situated at a place that is in direct contact of sunlight then you’re bound to face such issues. As a provider of window tinting Dubai, we offer a smart solution in shape of versatile window films that keep the heat out of the place and only let the light in.


Glare Issues

You surely have arranged everything for the ease of your customers but still face strange situations in which the customer shows irritated response by leaving the shop? The reason could be unclear vision while checking out the items in the display and that’s because of sunlight distracting their vision. When you don’t protect those wide windows with sun control window films then things like this are likely to happen. If you don’t want to lose customers due to glare issue, try contacting the providers of window tinting Dubai and get your windows tinted with specialized glare-free technology.


Vulnerable Doors/Windows

Our window films are also known for another feature that would surely help you secure your shop and the products that you leave every night. The window films also provide security against burglars that try to intrude into your premise when no one is around. Our security and safety window films are known for delaying the intrusion time so that police could arrive on time upon receiving signal by the security alarm system that you’ve installed in your shop.


Ultraviolet Rays

One very essential feature that you could add into your shop’s environment is the protection from hazardous UV rays. If your shop is located at a location that is in direction contact of sunlight then you should not rely on bare glass based windows and doors that let the light in also act as a medium for UV rays intrusion. By installing the sun control window films on your doors and windows, you will be protecting the customers, your staff and yourself from dangerous UV rays.

So call in the providers of window tinting Dubai and secure your shop from above mentioned issues.


There was a time when driving your car on Sheikh Zayed road used to give you a proud feeling that has gone somewhere now. The vehicle that used to make you feel like a king on his quest to explore the world while riding his faithful horse has turned into a junk. Your car doesn’t bring you compliments and you are thinking to replace it soon but have you thought what could be wrong that is decreasing that charming feeling that you used to have? Being the providers of car tinting Dubai, we’ve noticed some problematic elements that make your vehicle look old, slow and junky. Keep reading to find these issues in your vehicle!


Heat Consumption

Dubai is a hot place with respect to weather condition and sunlight and this is one of the most common issues for drivers and vehicle owners that increases vehicle maintenance expenses. The sunlight not only increases heat consumption problems in your vehicle but also impacts on the interior surfaces of your vehicle that makes your driving experience uncomfortable. For preventing faded dashboards and leather seats and maintaining heat consumption, we recommend using sun control window films on your vehicle’s windows. These films are manufactured with the special type of polyester that holds the heat away and let you be in charge of the heat consumption.


Dust Issues

Another element that is making you hate your car might be that dust and dirt particles that get inside during the long drives you make at any given time of the day. With continuous usage of your vehicle, witnessing a thin layer of dust on the dashboard, front and rear seats is vital if you don’t maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle. Instead of abhorring your car, you may clean it or utilize car detailing services in Dubai on affordable rates and enjoy the clean drives for months.


Fading Car Paint

If you think that your carelessness is just making your vehicle dirty with dust particles then you need to think again. The bare vehicle surface is at a danger of losing its amazing paint following that air pressure it has to bear while you accelerate the speed. When people come to us stating these problems, we propose two very viable and practical solutions to make their car amazing again. One way of protecting your vehicle’s paint is using NANO ceramic coating services that create a molecular net around your vehicle surface and the other is using car paint protection film. The former works on a molecular network around your car’s surface and later is a synthetic plastic film that helps you combat problematic elements.


No Shiny Car Surface

If you’re looking for adding a shiny effect in your vehicle’s outer surface then you just might need to polish the surface with an industry proven product. The car polish works like a magic on your vehicle’s surface and bestow you a feeling of newness in your in your vehicle. Try that if you’ve already used the services of car tinting Dubai, car paint protection and car detailing services as it can make your car shine in Dubai’s sunlight and even during the evening.


Your heartbeat would surely go unstable seeing increased office expenses in account of renovation and regular upgrading of the place. And you would be finding a permanent solution to keep your office expenses down but fail to do so due to unavoidable climatic issues of Dubai. What if I tell you that you may use the services of window tinting Dubai in your interest and keep the expenses down by making few adjustments in your office? Yes, keeping the costs low is possible only if you follow precautions when deciding the arrangements to combat unpredictable issues of your place. So here are ways by which you can easily reduce office expenses using the services of window tinting Dubai.



As a common perception, majority of offices rely on conventional methods to keep their premise secure but the fragile glass windows and doors create different issues with respect to the safety of the place. You might employ a security staff for your office’s protection but man guarding and CCTV surveillance can’t bestow the strength to your glass windows and doors that they require to combat against unpredictable instances. A wise approach is to use safety and security window films, by contacting the providers of window tinting Dubai, because these windows are crafted to give your glass strength to stand still in odd situations for longer time period. They are also very useful for facing heavy wind flow that is quite common in Dubai and most of all, they come in affordable rates.



So you run an amazing business but the marketing costs are increasing your problems to manage the financial matters and keep the expenses low? Every problem has a solution and all you need to do is just look for it in right place in order to resolve it. Have you ever pondered over marketing your business in a new way that is less costly in comparison to conventional techniques? You may consider branding vinyl window films that allow you to send the word out without paying high amount in account of monthly subscriptions to any advertising company or other mediums that are known to market the business or any particular product. You may choose the color, size and message type to be displayed on your window using the expertise of a provider of window tinting Dubai.



The application of window films is not limited to just marketing or securing the place as you may do more things with them. These window films are designed on the mechanism to maintain the temperature of the place and you can be in charge of the heat consumption of your office, shop or any type of commercial premise. By installing window films on your glass windows and doors, you can easily combat that heating sunlight that disrupt the calm environment of your interiors and compel you to make excessive usage of air condition system. This eventually increase the electricity consumption to keep the temperature bearable but you suffer in terms of financial terms. But installing window tints on your glass saves you from such disappointing situation as described above so contact the providers of window tinting Dubai to reduce business expenses now.


Everyday thousands of people come to UAE either for enjoying the holidays or spend some quality time with their partner. Seeing this trend of tourists, you opened up that rental business but how effective are your marketing channels that are bringing in new leads? Where car tinting Dubai offers protection from UV rays and other elements, it can also be used as a marketing channel to attract potential customers. So we thought to put up some ways that you can use the branding vinyl window films to market your business along with protecting your vehicles from that killing sunlight. Read on and discover the ways to market your rental business through branding vinyl window films that are purely customizable according to your needs.


Display Discounts

So tell me, what’s the first thing that your potential customer would want to know about your rental business – the discounts on special occasions, right? And you spend a huge amount of money for getting a space for billboards, TVCs and other marketing channels when you can announce the discounts in a creative and less costly way. You may consider your vehicle’s windows to announce different discounts and attract a massive crowd that notices your vehicles while crossing the road or otherwise. Yes, the service of car tinting Dubai and branding vinyl window films can be utilized for this objective and you can go creative with different fonts and colors that match your business logo. Mention the discount, create the value and leave a phone number or imprint your website so people can reach your sales reps and book the service on discounted price.


Showcase Services

You printed brochures, run a business website and do everything to let people know about the services your rental business offers but how many of them are proving effective so far? It’s a fact that in city like Dubai, no one pays attention unless they really want to use that service. If someone’s interested in your business or might want to rent a vehicle in coming weeks, they’d want to know more about your services and how you may benefit them. The benefit of using the services of car tinting Dubai in your interest is that it helps you to maintain an elegancy in your marketing and let you put words out about your business in a creative way. So you can easily educate the prospect customer about the kind of services you offer and how it can benefit him/her.


Compliment Couples

You see, there are so many events happen in people’s lives and the way they celebrate in this beautiful Emirate is also very interesting. For adding personalization, you may compliment your customers that are either on their honeymoon trip or spending some quality time after a long time together. There are plenty of ideas that you can do with the right usage of the services of car tinting Dubai and customize your vehicle’s windows. For instance, you may imprint your customer’s name or best wishes using branding vinyl window films on their demand and win their hearts with this extra service.