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Whether you’re starting a new venture in Dubai or an already established business, the need of renovating and decorating the workplace arises every now and then. You might have planned to give your workspace a new look with new color range or add new furniture but what about the windows that protect you from sand, sunlight and heat? So here are few benefits that you get with window tinting Dubai and wide range of window films that have different applications to serve you in Dubai’s hot and humid temperature.


Energy Efficient

No matter if you’re operating from Business Bay, Downtown or JLT, the building would be protecting you with large glass windows. Regardless of glass width, the windows alone are inefficient to reduce abnormal energy consumption. In such circumstances, the sun control window films are an ideal option to be placed on your glass windows. And the best part is, you can choose from so many trendy designs and textures to match with your interior settings. Benefit from window tinting Dubai and sun control window film’s wide design range while decorating the workplace.


Versatile Designs

The window films are not just to strengthen your fragile glass as they offer you much more feature to meet your style standards. Yes! For adding spark into your decorations, you don’t need to relay on colorless transparent window films as they also come with different textures to meet your interior arrangements. If you have different glass cabins or separators in your office space, you may try one way vision window films that come with customization options with respect to textures and typography. This way, you not only get privacy but also an opportunity to make your workplace a creative and fun place to work in.


Multiple Shapes & Sizes

When you make your mind for trying window tinting services in Dubai, you don’t need to worry about the size and shapes your glass based items have. The window films can be cut according to desired size of your glass doors, partitions and windows without any further expense. On top of that, you can easily avail the window tinting services for any shape of glass.


UV Protection

With wide range of textures, these window films also help you combat against UV rays that may mess up with your furniture’s finishing. Even when the temperature is on boiling point, the UV rays may affect your skin and create health issues for you. And you wouldn’t want to work in an unsafe place so these window films become your first choice when decorating your workplace.



When you plan to renovate the workplace or make few changes at office, the main concern is the cost. Decorations might cost you much but adding few extra dirhams wouldn’t hurt when you get all these features in window films right? As a matter of fact, the window tinting services in Dubai are not as expensive as you would be spending on other items to decorate the walls, entrance area and windows. You get protection, elegance and comfort by spending about 100 to 200 dirhams through these window films.


Keeping customers happy is a tough job especially when you are working in a competitive market. So what’s the secret that makes your customers visiting your place back to back and even refer others to your amazing restaurant? While providing our services of window tinting Dubai to different food chains and restaurant owners, we’ve noticed a few ways by which successful restaurants keep their customer happy. So let’s discuss how you can improve customer experience in your restaurant and keep the sales chart going upward.


Friendly Staff

Think from a customer’s perspective and ask yourself that why would you want to visit a restaurant rather than eating at home? People want something especial when they plan to eat out either alone, with friends or when accompanied with a special person. So are you ready to give them that special treatment at your amazingly decorated restaurant or they have an unwelcomed feeling while entering your restaurant? Make sure each staff member is friendly and courteous with the visitors that they get this special feeling while visiting your place.


Timely Serving

Now come to the main reason that why would anyone visit your place and that is to taste those delicious dishes you’ve listed in your menu. The success of your restaurant also depends on the serving duration because if your customers have to wait for too long, they’ll give your service a poor rating. So invest in your cooking staff and make sure they ready every order in the minimum time required if you want to captivate those loyal customers that visit you frequently.


Segmented Themes

Whether you work for 24/7 or start the shift at noon and serve your customers late in the night, you need to restructure your restaurant’s theme according to each time period. Now think of the customer types you see on a routine basis and in different times of the day. When people visit you during the day, they have a different mood and expectations from your place. In a similar manner, when they visit you in the evening, they might be a little tired and seeking refreshment either through your tasty food or by the ambience the background music creates. So think over it and see what works for you.


Less Irritation

As mentioned above, the place is occupied during the day with people having a different mood than those visiting your restaurant in the evening. Like the majority of restaurants, if you have large glass windows and doors, you need to be careful about the sunrays that may ruin their mood. You may consider installing sun control films on your glass windows and doors that would help you keep the distraction issues away. The sun control films and window tinting Dubai services offer you distraction free feature that keep your customers engaged in their activities without being disturbed by the glares and distraction by sunlight during peak hours.


No Faded Furniture

If you are to choose between two places in which first one has everything finished and the second one offers the same facilities with faded furniture, which would you choose? You’ll go for the first one for sure so why do you expect your customers to choose the one with faded furniture? The sun control window films and window tinting Dubai services also help you keep the furniture anew for longer time period. So make the right choice by securing your furniture from getting fade by those killer sunrays.


We can focus on anything when we have no doubts about our privacy because no one likes to be chased by the stranger’s eyes. If you live in Dubai, you’ll have privacy concerns at work, in the office or when shopping anything from the market. An ideal approach to ensure your privacy is to install the privacy window films that have multiple types to serve the purpose in an adequate way. You might be wondering how using window tinting Dubai can actually help you gain that privacy that you always desired while staying behind the glass. So here is a little introduction of all the privacy window films!


One Way Vision

When you have to observe the surroundings, especially your staff members, without getting noticed or revealing yourself then you need one way vision films. The reason for recommending these window films is that you can look through the glass without revealing yourself to the people standing across. Means you can keep an eye on everyone yet no one can see you or your activities behind the glass. This window film is built on such a mechanism that one side allows you to have a clear vision and the other side appears like a mirror.


Blackout Films

If you run a yacht business, you can understand the need of installing blackout window films that not only provide you desired privacy but also add elegance to your yacht. This type of privacy films is also ideal for your automobiles to stay away from the UV rays or when you want to keep away the unwanted people from looking into your vehicle. If you go with this type of privacy window film, you need to understand the limits of black color that you can add into your car’s glass windows otherwise you’d have to pay fine.


Mirror Effect Films

Wait! If you think that the list of privacy window films is over then here’s the surprise for you in shape of mirror effect films. The basic function of this type of window film is same and that is to add privacy to your place whether office, apartment or even a shop but it comes with a little edge in comparison to above mentioned privacy window films. When you install this privacy film onto your glass window, you can enjoy the privacy behind the glass but the fun thing is that the other side appears like a mirror. So if someone stops in front of your glass, you’ll get to see the funny faces and people setting their hairstyles. (Don’t laugh!)


Branding Vinyl Films

If you’re concerned about your privacy while operating your business from that amazingly decorated shop and also looking for marketing ideas then you need to give a try to branding vinyl films. When you approach the services providers of window tinting Dubai, you can ask them to show you premade branding vinyl window films or order a custom one displaying your business logo, a quote or anything that you want to display on your glass windows to attract the potential buyers.


No doubt that Dubai is one of the amazing cities to live in and prosper in your professional life but the killing sunlight may prove a hurdle in your routine business operations. Despite of being the place full of facilities, this emirate is still finding new ways to deal with sun light and the chaos it may create from time to time. So how are you going to survive into this heating scenario where you are sweating badly even when the AC is on and you have all the necessary facilities to combat the heat? One smart way is to consider sun control window films and benefit from the window tinting Dubai to beat the heat and enjoy your routine work life.


No More Glare Issues:

If your office is on top floor that is facing direct sunlight then you might have experienced the glare issues either when typing on the screen or when briefing the board members about new plans your business has. This is one of the most irritating situations when you can’t see the screen properly and you have to change your directions frequently to find the right angle for seeing the text. With sun control films, you have proper control over the glare and reflections the glass creates mostly during the day. Install the sun control window films and say goodbye to these glaring issues for good.


Save Your Fixture:

So you have recently renovated the office or changed few items in your assets right? Are you sure about their durability or you are looking to polish them after a few weeks? The need of getting things insured arises when you know there would be any unfavorable incident that may affect the charm of your furniture. To your amazement, there are specific group of people that do not worry about such issues because they have sun control window films installed on their glass. Yes, sun control window films also help you save your furniture from fading away and looking older too soon.


Block UV Rays:

If you’re operating from the Business Bay or any popular area of Dubai that has amazing building for business oriented people then you should not neglect the risk of UV rays. Because they can be a threat to your profession life and create various other problems that may affect your productivity level at work. Sun control window films are especially made to block these UV rays out of the building and let you enjoy the risk free workplace.


Enjoy Natural Light:

The reason most people prefer sun control films rather than relying on bare glass windows is that they are designed to let the natural light in only. Means once you have installed them on your glass windows facing direct sunlight, you don’t need to worry about different kind of problems the sunlight creates during heated seasons. So enjoy the natural light coming through the window and forget about any skin sensitivity the sunrays may cause.


Reduce Energy Costs:

One of the most important reasons that you need to consider sun control window films for your business is that they help you keep the electricity costs low. When you use window tinting Dubai to install sun control films, you can deal with heat and electricity problems and the unbalance consumption that usually cause huge amount of utility bills that ultimately affect your business expenses.


Who doesn’t want privacy when working on a very important document in office or negotiating something with a potential buyer? One way vision films provide you the privacy element that’s been missing into your work premise covered with glass doors and windows. Dubai is one of the rapidly transforming lands with respect to business opportunities and increasing number of emigrants making their way in this Emirate. If you’re one of these aspiring business owners, you know the value of staying adaptive in business operations with window tinting Dubai and one way vision films. And if you don’t, we’ve some real good reasons to make you realize the importance of one way vision for your business.


Renovating the workspace might cost you a considerable amount of money but when you choose one way vision films, you won’t have to pay so much. The best part about using the one way vision films is that they are cheap and let you add the privacy element in at your workspace without costing you a fortune. From doors to windows and anything involving glass, you can cover them with a reliable one way vision film and make most out of your investments on window tinting services in Dubai.


Known by different names like one way vision and see-through stickers, this particular film is the first priority of business owners that operate from a place crowded by people. You can prevent those unwanted eyes from chasing your business activity that make situations awkward both for you and your customers. The person standing outside would see his own reflection instead of having a view of your interiors but you still can see him from the inside. And that’s the beauty of these one way vision films that can help you continue your business activities with a confidence.


Do you want to take your marketing to the next level without adding a billboard or a flex sign? Well here’s your chance to market your business without using any other option that businesses conventionally use. Yes! One way vision films can actually help you attract new customers and increase sales. Instead of going with a clear one way vision film, you may add your logo or any quote describing your business or anything that you think can help your business grow. And the good thing about going creative with one way vision films is that you pay the same as you might have paid for a plain one.

Quick Installation

When you choose to cover your glass doors and windows with one way vision films, you don’t have to spend so much time installing them. The whole process would take about half an hour if done rightly and you can continue your business activities. All you need is to choose the right one way vision film, a squeegee to extract liquid solution during installation and some other tools like cutters. And if you don’t want to do window tinting yourself, a professional window tinting service provider can help you get this job done in an efficient manner.


From offices to shops and apartments to spacious villas you’ll see windows and glass doors everywhere that require special attention on your part. Gone are days when we used to prefer plywood doors and framed windows as the glass has taken over our lifestyle rapidly. But what’s missing in your glass doors and windows that would actually make your place stand out? Why don’t you consider frosted glass stickers to add that charm and stylish appeal in your interiors? We’ve some real good reasons to try frosted glass stickers to stay ahead of style trends in Dubai.



No matter what you’re buying but this specific quality is a must have for any product if you really want to spend the money at right place. The same thing applies here when choosing window films to add strength in your fragile glass doors and windows. But frosted stickers come with exception in comparison to other window films available in market. And what’s more surprising is that they come with durability characteristic so you won’t have to spend your money again and again.



In past few years, the demand for frosted glass stickers has grown due to the versatility and wide range of designs and color scheme. The good thing about frosted glass stickers is that they allow you to pick your favorite shade, color and style that comply with other interior settings you already have. You can order custom frosted glass stickers as per your need or purchase from premade products that are available at a reasonable price. With color scheme, design and style facility, you can easily twist up your interior settings.



The problem with wallpapers is that they are not water-resistant and you have to replace them if they get wet. But the plus point of frosted stickers is that they are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about any water splashes that might ruin your settings in case of wallpapers. This quality of frosted stickers make them cost friendly as you won’t be changing them very often. Plus, they are very easy to install and require no much time so you won’t be stopping your routine during the installation.



Curtains and drapes make the view very pleasant when hung in an artistic way but the negative aspect of these articles is that they get dirty. You have to wash them routine wise to keep them clean and to be used in a crowded premise like office or at your shop. As stated earlier, frosted glass stickers come in variety of designs so you can pick your favorite design and forget any such cleaning routine. Say goodbye to laundry and enjoy the pleasant view that your frosted glass sticker adds into the room.



Businesses are on hunt to find new ways for marketing and increasing their PR so here’s another reason for using frosted glass stickers. You may also use frosted glass stickers in a creative way and represent your logo, business name or anything that reflect your business values on your glass doors and cabinets. This way, you add privacy into your office and let others know about your existence.


People get their cars tinted here in Dubai for many reasons to keep the interiors safe from fading away and there are various other benefits that make it a necessity. We all know that car tinting Dubai serves us in numerous ways like reducing the energy consumption, keeping UV rays at bay and adding a stylish appeal to your car’s side and rear windows. You get window tinting services and you’re in charge of your privacy but we have more questions for you to answer. Do you know if the window tinting has done rightly on your car’s windows or not? Like what are the possible signs when you need to replace your car’s tint and stay away from any mishap.

Is it turning light purple?

We know that you’re not a tech guy but believe us that you don’t have to be that into cars to figure out this thing. You own a car you probably have it tinted by someone offering professional window tinting services in Dubai. Here’s a little catch! When we get our car window’s tinted with low quality window films, they start producing purplish color that is an indication for you. This happens when the window film cannot stand against the heating sunlight and it is time for you to replace the window films.

Is your car tint installed right?

If we describe the window tinting process in steps, there are only few steps that one has to go through to install window films on a car’s side and rear mirror. You wash the surface, install window film and squeeze it with tint squeegee and you’re all done. Yes! You’re done installing window films on your car’s windows but things are easier said than done so hold on. As before this phase, one has to take the right measurement of your car window’s size. That is essential as if the measurements are not taken rightly then it will look ugly on your car’s windows.

Can you spot any bubbly or blotchy surface?

As described earlier, the installation process is consisted of 3 to 4 steps only but one has to be very careful at this point. After when the measurements are taken, the installer needs to be very careful when extracting liquid with a squeegee as it will decide if it is done rightly or not. If a quack handles your window tinting then chances are you’ll end up having bubbly surface. One needs to be very careful when installing or squeegeeing the tint to extract liquid. As if we miss to do it carefully at this point, you’ll have to repeat the whole process from scratch with a new window tint.

Is it cheap window film?

When you’re investing in window films for your car, don’t go for cheap window films as it’s just a waste of time. There are 3 to 4 types that you can consider for your car’s windows like dyed, deposited, sputtered and hybrid. Whatever window film you choose for your car’s window, just make sure it’s not of cheap quality and come with a warranty. Keep this in mind that quality does matter when considering a product for your car’s window tinting and never rely completely on the price.


Where Dubai offers an immense variety of attractions and skyscraping buildings that makes us go jaw-drop a major unsatisfying thing is the sunlight issue. This issue feels even more displeasing when you’re to drive from one part of the emirate to another. Protecting you from sunlight’s dark side,  Car Tinting Dubai  become the last resort to deal with sun and its numerous mischievous attributes during the day. So let’s get straight to the point and let us give you 5 best reasons for getting car window tinting services in Dubai.


Avoid Glare Issues:

While you’re holding the steering and rushing somewhere, the one thing that disturbs you during the drive is that glaring sunlight through side windows. This not only disturbs your vision on the road but also opens up accident risks if you’re driving a bit faster on a busy road. Window films, especially car Window Film , prevent the glaring issues and let you see through the windshield clearly. This makes the need of getting car window tinting services imperative for your safety and a smooth drive on the road.


Save Vehicle Interiors:

As a car owner, you’d want to keep your sedan in great condition not only from outside but from inside as well. You might be spending a huge amount on premium quality car polishes to keep the exteriors shiny 24/7 but what about the interiors of your vehicle? When your vehicle stays in direct contact of sunlight, it affects negatively the seat cushion and dashboard. This results in your seat covers getting hot and losing their ‘newness’ gradually and increases your expenses. But when your car is protected by premium quality window tints, you’ve less chance of experiencing such situation.

Prevent Hazardous UV Rays:

Dubai is MENA’s one of the hottest places with respect to climate and heating issues. And having more than 40 degree temperature is a normal thing on normal days. With that being said, we live at a risk of getting affected by UV rays that can make things even more difficult. The window tints not only help us combat UV rays but also provide us a security layer against this threat. While installing window films on your car’s side and backside glass, you may even get more details about the tint’s grade.


Add Security to Vehicle:

When not driving, your vehicle usually stays in the parking lot outside your office or at home. Have you left anything precious in it or missed your mobile that might invite a thief near your car? One wise reason for getting car window tinting services in Dubai is that window tint helps you in preventing such experiences. Window tints allow you to get charge of your privacy level inside your vehicle and stay focused on other important things.


Cut Down Heating Issues:
The normal glass is ineffective for preventing heat caused by sunlight that compels you to increase AC level inside your vehicle. But with a nicely tinted car window, you have to face such issues in less quantity as there are various types of car window tints that help you reduce heating problems. When getting car window tinting services in Dubai, just ask the installer to use heat reduction window tints on your car’s side and backside ` and get rid of heating problems for a long time.