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The most heart-wrenching instance is to see your car losing its charm with each passing day due to climatic changes and roadside encounters with stones and pebbles.  Being the providers of car paint protection Dubai,  we under that these elements may look small but when they start affecting your car’s paint, you lose that awesome feeling gradually that you used to have while driving around the city. And believe me, scratches and rashes look very bad when you own a stylish car. Being the providers of car tinting Dubai and car paint protection films, we recommend securing your car’s paint with specialized car paint protection films that work like magic. Read on to find how car paint protection film works in your interest and safeguard the paint from all the problematic elements during the drive.



Whether you’re driving the car on a freeway or it is parked outside your office, the vehicle is not as safe as you think it is. There are different elements that could make things worse for your car’s outer appearance and car paint is one of the most vulnerable elements in such instances. You may be confronted with little rocks, pebbles or any flying object that could bump into your car while you drive off the wheels. Or there could be the heating issue with small particles of dust that first cover the outer surface of your vehicle and then stick to it if you don’t wash it off within a specific window of time.

The bumpers, hood side-view mirrors and side doors in short everything is at a danger of losing its charm due to these problems. The car paint protection film is manufactured in such a way to combat these elements efficiently and work in your favor for a longer period of time. They not only act as a shield but also have a feature of gaining back their natural state if your car adopts a scratching situation.



The car paint protection film is basically a transparent film like the window tinting film but works a little differently. When you bring your car in our workshop, we first inspect each side of the vehicle to cut the film according to your car’s shape and size. After completing the analysis phase, we would start with initial cleaning to remove any dust or debris that your car has. Later when we’re done with that phase, the installation process would begin and we would start installing car paint protection films on different sections of your vehicle.

We’d cover the visible areas first where the paint is prominent and install the paint protection film to give it a permanent protection against above mentioned elements. Once that area is covered, we’d march on to secure minor parts of your vehicle like bumper, hood, side-view mirrors and similar sections that may not be visible on first glance but are vulnerable to this scratching issue.

Protect your lovely car with a paint protection film and leave any thoughts about scratches behind for good.