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Do you feel agitated from constant sunlight, hot temperature and scratched windows while on the road? Well, you’re not alone to experience these things as there are hundred other drivers who report the same displeasure. But among these hundred drivers, there are few who have discovered the key to dealing with such issues by using Car Window Tinting Dubai. To give you a more realistic picture of how car window tinting solves your (above mentioned) problems, here’s a short list of benefits that you can expect from this new technology.


While the simple car window just blocks the wind from coming inside the window tinting film offers you more power to reduce energy consumption which is a major concern of drivers. Let me explain how? To avoid hot air and heat from coming inside your car, you keep the air conditioner on which causes a major issue of energy waste. But those who use car window tinting Dubai are less likely to use their AC during the drive and they can maintain the ideal temperature of their vehicle’s interiors. And this is how car window tinting benefits you in preventing energy waste.


As stated above, UAE’s temperature remains hot during the day and this creates problems for the majority of drivers. There are individuals with sensitive skin and they can’t tolerate excessive heat which results in discomfort and various skin problems. With a simple addition of window tinting film in your car’s windows, you can put an end to this heat problem and preserve your skin in any kind of weather condition. This is another benefit of using car window tinting Dubai for those with sensitive skin or heat-related allergies.


Speaking of skin-related issues…there’s another problem for vehicle owners and drivers in the shape of UV rays. Yes, UV rays create problems for you on the road but with the proper application of the solution, you can easily reduce their influence on your skin. Basically, a standard car window’s glass fails to stop harmful UV rays from entering the vehicle. But if you apply window tinting film on your vehicle’s glass, you can prevent these UV rays from entering your car’s interiors. Because a window tinting film only lets the non-harmful sunlight elements into your vehicle and this is how using car window tinting Dubai helps you in controlling the UV rays.


One of the key qualities of window tinting films is that they prevent glass breakage. After several tests and approval from industry experts, the application of window films can protect your glass from instant shattering. And even if the burglar uses a specialized tool to break the glass, the tinting film extends the normal time (which is few seconds) to 3-4 minutes which is quite enough to call help from the nearby police station. This is another astonishing benefit of using a car window tinting Dubai.

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From vehicle protection to pleasant driving experience, the driving scene in UAE is on a whole different level than other countries. Being the service providers of Car Window Tinting In Dubai, we can understand your challenges that make driving uncomfortable and difficult every day. And, therefore, we’ve put together some good reasons to suggest you the miracles of car window tinting in Dubai to make your driving experience best and comfortable. Come, let’s discover how this one service offers you various benefits.


On any normal day, the temperature can easily reach 40 Celsius or more and this the primary problem for drivers who spend ours on road for various reasons. Due to constant heat and direct contact of sunlight, the cars require more air conditioning to provide you a cold environment within the vehicle. But this demands more consumption of power and you run out of fuel sooner than expected. One of the benefits of using the services of car window tinting in Dubai is that you can easily control over energy consumption. Yes, with window films installed on your car’s windows, you can smartly maintain the colder temperature of your vehicle without spending fuel and power.  


If you could recall your recent driving session from your home to the office, what’s the one thing that you can identify as a discomforting one? Is it your dashboard and seat cover under directly sunlight which makes you feel irritated? Yes, irritated knowing that this condition will soon snatch their newness and you’ll have to invest in a new seat cover and re-polish your dashboard. Using the services car window tinting in Dubai allows you to prevent sun rays that impact on your vehicle in a negative way. And you can easily maintain the newness in your car’s dashboard and seat covers.


With the use of the services of car window tinting in Dubai, you can remain young and protect your skin from hazardous sunrays that affect our outer skin. The mechanism used in window films allows you to smartly block those elements of sunlight that harm the skin cell, make them weak and cause aging. If you spent most of your time driving from one place to another place in UAE, you must use a window film on your vehicle’s window glass.


One of the primary reasons for using the services of car window tinting in Dubai is that it can reduce the instances of break-ins. Yes, you can reduce the chances of theft of your vehicle by installing a window film in your car’s windows. The sturdiness, that window films, bestow to your car allows you to increase break-in time that is enough to alert you or security forces to reach on the spot. This is how you can prevent the stealing or damage of your vehicle with the use of car window films.

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Running a shop in Dubai’s top commercial locations comes with different challenges that you cannot ignore in order to maintain the sales flow and successful business executions. Apart from customer attraction, fair dealing and generating profit, the most important issue is to maintain a calm and comfortable environment of your shop that matters the most. Is your shop secure in terms of environment and glare issues that may distract customers or are you finding a way to fix such issues? Being the providers of window tinting Dubai, we have helped many small business owners in maintaining an ideal atmosphere in their shops that involve glass based items. So here are a few recommendations that we’d like to share from our experience of providing window tinting services in Dubai.


Heating Problems

Most shop owners invest a huge amount in air condition system to welcome their customers with a pleasant environment when they open the door. If you’re dealing with heating issue in your shop even after getting your AC system checked several times then the problem could be the windows that let the lights in. Yes, the glass based items fail to keep heat out in Dubai’s warm and killing sunlight and when your shop is situated at a place that is in direct contact of sunlight then you’re bound to face such issues. As a provider of window tinting Dubai, we offer a smart solution in shape of versatile window films that keep the heat out of the place and only let the light in.


Glare Issues

You surely have arranged everything for the ease of your customers but still face strange situations in which the customer shows irritated response by leaving the shop? The reason could be unclear vision while checking out the items in the display and that’s because of sunlight distracting their vision. When you don’t protect those wide windows with sun control window films then things like this are likely to happen. If you don’t want to lose customers due to glare issue, try contacting the providers of window tinting Dubai and get your windows tinted with specialized glare-free technology.


Vulnerable Doors/Windows

Our window films are also known for another feature that would surely help you secure your shop and the products that you leave every night. The window films also provide security against burglars that try to intrude into your premise when no one is around. Our security and safety window films are known for delaying the intrusion time so that police could arrive on time upon receiving signal by the security alarm system that you’ve installed in your shop.


Ultraviolet Rays

One very essential feature that you could add into your shop’s environment is the protection from hazardous UV rays. If your shop is located at a location that is in direction contact of sunlight then you should not rely on bare glass based windows and doors that let the light in also act as a medium for UV rays intrusion. By installing the sun control window films on your doors and windows, you will be protecting the customers, your staff and yourself from dangerous UV rays.

So call in the providers of window tinting Dubai and secure your shop from above mentioned issues.


Are you looking to enhance your marketing mediums to bring in new sales for your rental business? Have you tried TVCs, billboards and newspaper ads that promise huge exposure but are failing to cater your business’s marketing needs? You need something unconventional to let the people know about your services and existence. Vehicle branding Dubai is just what you need to spread the word in your targeted audience to attract new sales and make a booming success in your industry. Still, don’t believe how vehicle branding Dubai may help your business grow? Read on and discover the benefits it offers yourself!


  • Your experience in the field definitely has given you the idea about marketing costs when it comes to advertise your business using conventional approaches. Can you calculate for how many times your ad stayed on the medium like was it for 30 seconds, a day or for a week? When you convey the message using your own vehicle with the help of vehicle branding services in Dubai, you become the in charge of your marketing endeavors.
  • Where other mediums such as billboards, TVCs and radio ads offer limited approach to be creative, vehicle branding services in Dubai offer a wide range of designing possibilities. Think of that blank space of your vehicle’s outer surface as the screen and do whatever you want to try with the marketing of the product, service or any limited time offer. You may put a quotation, any creative message that you want to share with your customers or brand your business name wherever the vehicle travels across Dubai on very nominal costs of vehicle branding services.
  • Vehicle branding services are purely customizable according to the need of your marketing campaign. Whether you own a truck, sedan or any type of vehicle to continue your business operations, you may easily display the required message either on the exteriors or on the window of your vehicle. You’re not bound by the limitations such as screen size, run time or any other restrictions that other advertising mediums have. Just negotiate the price, give your visions about the message and let the guys do the magic once the start providing vehicle branding services in Dubai.
  • As mentioned earlier, you pay a considerable amount to market your business and get very few advertising duration in return. Secondly, the medium has limited audience due to a static location such as a TVC could be seen by only those who are watching something on a TV set. The same rule applies on every marketing medium that you can think of. You use those vehicles for transportation either of your customers or for the products that you sell now think of these automobiles as a mobile marketing channel of your business. Your business name goes wherever the wheels take it and let you reach to a wider audience without this limited duration condition.

There are other benefits that you may expect from vehicle branding services in Dubai so seize the opportunity and get in touch with the service providers near you to brand your business on the wheels.


There was a time when driving your car on Sheikh Zayed road used to give you a proud feeling that has gone somewhere now. The vehicle that used to make you feel like a king on his quest to explore the world while riding his faithful horse has turned into a junk. Your car doesn’t bring you compliments and you are thinking to replace it soon but have you thought what could be wrong that is decreasing that charming feeling that you used to have? Being the providers of car tinting Dubai, we’ve noticed some problematic elements that make your vehicle look old, slow and junky. Keep reading to find these issues in your vehicle!


Heat Consumption

Dubai is a hot place with respect to weather condition and sunlight and this is one of the most common issues for drivers and vehicle owners that increases vehicle maintenance expenses. The sunlight not only increases heat consumption problems in your vehicle but also impacts on the interior surfaces of your vehicle that makes your driving experience uncomfortable. For preventing faded dashboards and leather seats and maintaining heat consumption, we recommend using sun control window films on your vehicle’s windows. These films are manufactured with the special type of polyester that holds the heat away and let you be in charge of the heat consumption.


Dust Issues

Another element that is making you hate your car might be that dust and dirt particles that get inside during the long drives you make at any given time of the day. With continuous usage of your vehicle, witnessing a thin layer of dust on the dashboard, front and rear seats is vital if you don’t maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle. Instead of abhorring your car, you may clean it or utilize car detailing services in Dubai on affordable rates and enjoy the clean drives for months.


Fading Car Paint

If you think that your carelessness is just making your vehicle dirty with dust particles then you need to think again. The bare vehicle surface is at a danger of losing its amazing paint following that air pressure it has to bear while you accelerate the speed. When people come to us stating these problems, we propose two very viable and practical solutions to make their car amazing again. One way of protecting your vehicle’s paint is using NANO ceramic coating services that create a molecular net around your vehicle surface and the other is using car paint protection film. The former works on a molecular network around your car’s surface and later is a synthetic plastic film that helps you combat problematic elements.


No Shiny Car Surface

If you’re looking for adding a shiny effect in your vehicle’s outer surface then you just might need to polish the surface with an industry proven product. The car polish works like a magic on your vehicle’s surface and bestow you a feeling of newness in your in your vehicle. Try that if you’ve already used the services of car tinting Dubai, car paint protection and car detailing services as it can make your car shine in Dubai’s sunlight and even during the evening.


There was a time when your car used to cherish you and you could feel this special treatment from the signs but not anymore. Those days when you could spend long driving hours with your car in a happy mood are just vanishing away and you have no idea what could have gone wrong, right? These are the signs that your car has stopped loving you the way it used to in those early days when you first brought it home from the showroom. Being a service provider of window tinting Dubai, we have few tips for you to identify why your experience is not the same with your beloved vehicle.

  • The primary reason for your vehicle’s carelessness is the result of your own negligence towards its care and wellbeing. You live in Dubai and already know about the heating issues on road but still you didn’t do anything for the prevention of your vehicle’s care, right? Your car helps you reach anywhere on time and provides the security and saves time but on the other hand, you simply failed to protect it. And the kind of environment you’re facing inside your car is simply the opposite reaction of your carelessness. You failed to stop UV rays from entering the interiors and now your car has no choice than letting you experience this discomfort environment.
  • The uncomfortable journeys are not the only instance when you feel the negligence of your car but there’s more to tell. Have you ever thought why do you have to spend a considerable amount on your car’s seat covers that are adding up on maintenance expenses? The reason, again, is that killing sunlight which contains hazardous elements and affects your car’s interior conditions. The continuous contact between your seat’s leather and sunlight gradually decrease its newness and make it fragile. And apart from this condition, you’d have experienced another scenario in which you’d be sitting on hot seats. That’s an indication that you have to fix this issue using sun control window films by contacting a provider of window tinting Dubai.
  • Hold on, there’s more benefits that you can expect from the providers of window tinting Dubai that your car needs in order to become an ideal vehicle. While driving on the road or passing by the Sheikh Zayed Road, have you ever noticed a discomforting scenario when the sunlight disrupts your clear vision? These window films also have this anti-glare quality that makes your journey comfortable and keep you away from any distraction. But before you make any decision, you need to understand that there are some limitations on tinting your windows. You can only tint window up to 50% if you own the car and car rentals and taxi drivers are allowed to tint up to 30% as per Dubai Traffic Department.

We hope now you’d be having a clear picture that why your car doesn’t treat you the same way it used to. Identify if your car is dealing with these issues and get help of the providers of window tinting Dubai to prevent them in future.


Everyday thousands of people come to UAE either for enjoying the holidays or spend some quality time with their partner. Seeing this trend of tourists, you opened up that rental business but how effective are your marketing channels that are bringing in new leads? Where car tinting Dubai offers protection from UV rays and other elements, it can also be used as a marketing channel to attract potential customers. So we thought to put up some ways that you can use the branding vinyl window films to market your business along with protecting your vehicles from that killing sunlight. Read on and discover the ways to market your rental business through branding vinyl window films that are purely customizable according to your needs.


Display Discounts

So tell me, what’s the first thing that your potential customer would want to know about your rental business – the discounts on special occasions, right? And you spend a huge amount of money for getting a space for billboards, TVCs and other marketing channels when you can announce the discounts in a creative and less costly way. You may consider your vehicle’s windows to announce different discounts and attract a massive crowd that notices your vehicles while crossing the road or otherwise. Yes, the service of car tinting Dubai and branding vinyl window films can be utilized for this objective and you can go creative with different fonts and colors that match your business logo. Mention the discount, create the value and leave a phone number or imprint your website so people can reach your sales reps and book the service on discounted price.


Showcase Services

You printed brochures, run a business website and do everything to let people know about the services your rental business offers but how many of them are proving effective so far? It’s a fact that in city like Dubai, no one pays attention unless they really want to use that service. If someone’s interested in your business or might want to rent a vehicle in coming weeks, they’d want to know more about your services and how you may benefit them. The benefit of using the services of car tinting Dubai in your interest is that it helps you to maintain an elegancy in your marketing and let you put words out about your business in a creative way. So you can easily educate the prospect customer about the kind of services you offer and how it can benefit him/her.


Compliment Couples

You see, there are so many events happen in people’s lives and the way they celebrate in this beautiful Emirate is also very interesting. For adding personalization, you may compliment your customers that are either on their honeymoon trip or spending some quality time after a long time together. There are plenty of ideas that you can do with the right usage of the services of car tinting Dubai and customize your vehicle’s windows. For instance, you may imprint your customer’s name or best wishes using branding vinyl window films on their demand and win their hearts with this extra service.


Are you an SMB owner trying to make it big in Dubai’s progressive market and have no idea what can be your best marketing tool? You might be spending thousands of dirhams on marketing costs but missing one very powerful source to attract that crowd and convert it into the potential buyers – the front window. To realize the value of that front window, and the magic of window tinting Dubai, we have some very useful tips for you. Read on and discover how you can get noticed by those passersby that hold a strong chance to buy from you.


Increase Sales

You run a business you must have realized the importance of offering a discount or running a promotion in timely manner. But have you ever considered using that big window front that your shop has as a marketing channel? Imagine how many people pass by the shop and very few of them notice you due to the plain glass window. One way the providers of window tinting Dubai can help you increase sales is by turning that glass window into a news board of your business. Try the branding vinyl window film and display a discount or any promotion on your front window.


Grow Social Presence

That big glass window gives you an awesome view of the sunset in the evening and the crowded road but there’s another way that you can use this big section of your shop. You run an awesome business but how many people stay connected with you online or how many likes do you get on routine basis? The best thing about window tinting Dubai is that you can use typography feature when installing a window film on your glass window. Means you can advertise your social profiles to passersby and secure the big front window simultaneously. And all these amazing features come in same price as you’d be paying for a simple window tinting activity.


Attract Customers

Businesses that go unconventional in their marketing efforts gain more customers, more exposure and ultimately more monthly sales. And this wide window can do more wonders than providing a simple view of outside by acting as a marketing executive of your business. The providers of window tinting Dubai offer a wide variety of commercial window films that are totally customizable according to your business needs. How about you imprint your logo or business name to make people remember your business and turn it into a brand rather than a random shop? This way, you can easily advertise your business to the crowd and invite them to try your services/products.


Impress Everyone

If imprinting discount sales or business name sound too common on your shop’s front window, you may also try some creative ideas for attracting customers. You may broadcast an inspirational message or any famous quotation that relates with your business. This way, you can surely attract (or sometimes impress) people that are either doing window shopping or intend to purchase something from businesses like you. All you need to do is ask the providers of window tinting Dubai the possibilities of imprinting that quotation, size and about the availability of the color scheme of your choice.


Can you spot that one thing that you always feel missing from your premise even when you spend so many dirhams on yearly basis? When you live among the glass windows and doors, don’t you feel lack of security that these fragile glass based items create? Using safety and security films is a wise option to eliminate these concerns to keep your apartment, shop or office safe round the clock. But the question rises, why would you spend money on installing a security window film on your glass windows and doors? Being one of the leading providers of window tinting Dubai, we’ve some convincing reasons for you to consider safety and security window films and feel safe within your premise.


Theft Reduction

Suppose, a burglar tries to sneak into your premise to steal something very precious when you’re either sleeping or away and the place is counting on the alarm system and police response. Do you think that the alarm system is enough to hold back that thief or you need something else to stop the person till the police arrive? The safety and security window film acts just like that one thing that you need to hold this unwanted guest for long enough. The manufacturers (and providers of window tinting Dubai) use a special technology in these safety and security window films that make the fragile glass firmer even if the person shoots a bullet to shatter the glass. Where a fragile glass breaks down quickly with few blows of a baseball bat or a bullet, the security window film increases the shattering time to up to 3 to 4 minutes. And that time is enough for the arrival of help and arrest the troublemaker.


Heat Reduction

If you think that safety and security window films come in handy for theft prevention only then you’re lacking some important information with respect to their usage at the fullest. Where safety and security window films prevent burglaries at your place, they also allow you to reduce heat consumption. Because apart from burglars, there is another troublemaker that is trying to intrude – the UV rays, remember? The providers of window tinting Dubai are aware of city’s heating conditions and how it doubles the electricity consumption of your place. So they came up with a unique idea to add this feature in safety and security window films that prevent theft as well as UV rays intrusion in your place.


Cost Reduction

As stated above, the core objective of installing a safety and security window film is to reduce burglaries and prevent excessive heat. But you might want to know how these safety and security window films may reduce costs right? Firstly, these safety and security films cost less than installing a new glass in your window or door so you can stay relaxed with respect to their costs. Secondly, when you’re consuming less electricity for maintaining temperature through these safety and security window films, the utility bill will automatically reduce down from the current figure. This makes investing in safety and security window films a wise investment and all you need to do is finding a professional provider of window tinting Dubai.


Imagine you received a call and the voice from the other side announced that you’ve won a million dirham, how’d you react? Well… the news from Dubai police is similar to that thought and every car driver is feeling excited because according to new rule of car tinting Dubai, you can tint the windows up to 50%. Yes, that’s true and the best part is you won’t be stopped by an official for tinting your windows up to 50%. Now before you get excited and rush to the facility of a nearby window tinting Dubai, calm down and spare some time to read few things about this new rule that is in effect from July 1, 2017 all over the UAE.



General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Assistant Commander-in-Chief Dubai Police, announced few days back that the Traffic Department has made some adjustments to the window tinting rule. According to this new rule, all car owners may tint their car’s windows up to 50% to increase privacy and fight back the heat inside of their vehicle. Sounds good? You may enjoy this relaxation unless you’re not a taxi or truck owner as this rule is not applicable to these people. Means if you own a taxi or a truck then you’ll have to abide by the old rule of 30% car tinting Dubai otherwise you could be stopped by the officials and there might be a fine for violating the rule.



Apart from this exception on taxi and truck owners, there are few more things that you need to know about the new window tinting rule in UAE. This amendment has been made due to increased heating temperature but you need to understand few things when tinting your car. You’re not allowed to tint the wind shield of your vehicle because it may blur up your vision during the drive (especially in evening). So when you go to the providers of window tinting Dubai, don’t ask them to tint the wind shield as it will give you negative points but you may get your vehicle tinted from rear side and side windows.



As you all know that there was a fine of Dh1500/- if your car tints exceed the 30% limit imposed by the officials. To your relief, this fine has been removed for all car owners including individuals and rentals if the window tint is up to 50% or less. But you still need to keep this in mind that if you exceed from the 50% window tinting limit, the fine will be charged. Not only fine but also you’ll have negative points so avoid exceeding this limit.



With this new rule in car window tinting, you can customize your privacy according to your needs. With the old rule of 30% car tinting Dubai, you might had a satisfactory experience while driving on the freeways or when your vehicle was parked in parking lot but now you have more control over your privacy. Benefit from this new rule and get your vehicle tinted for the same price from a certified provider of car tinting Dubai.