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No one likes to drive an old, rusty and unattractive vehicle for many possible reasons but the time one has to spend on renewing the car’s appearance holds back many. Car detailing Dubai is proving a beneficial way to keep up that amazing feel of the vehicle but majority of vehicle owners have underestimated the true value of this somewhat magical process. So we thought to give you an insight view of the whole process when you want to keep things in your hands and decide to wash of the vehicle in detail on a fine holiday. Discover the key aspects of detailing your car and retain that fresh look which makes you feel proud while getting compliments.



If you’ve taken the car detailing services in Dubai before, you might be impressed with their professional way of getting things done. But when doing the stuff all by yourself, don’t be satisfied with a water bucket, a mopping cloth and car wax.

  • Get a vacuum cleaner to collect visible dirt particles from the rugs inside of your vehicle.
  • Also don’t forget to add upholstery cleaner and stain cleaner (or you may use an all-purpose cleaner)
  • Using a toothbrush can also aid your detailing process to kick out small dirt particles from the corners in conjunction with those cleaning products mentioned above.
  • Adding a roll of cotton would help you soak up the damp surfaces from your vehicle so never forget to include a roll of that into your toolkit.
  • Don’t forget to add the polishing machine in your tools to wax the car’s surface at the end of the process.


Before initiating the detailing process of your vehicle, remind yourself how the guy performs it when you take car detailing services in Dubai and just follow the pattern for desired results. As the provider of car detailing services in Dubai, we recommend starting the process with your vehicle’s interior. So follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Firstly, start vacuuming the rugs and car seats to collect those wrappers, piece of papers and any other torn items that are making the interiors look untidy.
  • Move on to the doors and windows of your vehicle after vacuuming the car seats. Use the dry cloth for a gentle cleaning activity and then use the damped one to make them shiny and clean.
  • This is time to clean off your dashboard of your car using the cleaning supplies as mentioned above. Use the brush to remove those narrow surfaces that contain small particles of dust.
  • When cleaning exteriors, first clean the surface with dry cloth and then use water and cleaners to make it stain free.


Wait! The process is not over yet and there’s something special that you need to do with your vehicle just like the guys do when you get car detailing services in Dubai. Have you forgot about waxing the vehicle and add a shiny flare in its appearance? Well this is the time to do some polishing using a specific tool built for that. Put some wax on the surface and turn the machine on to thoroughly polish the surface and make it neat, clean and shiny.