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You own a car in Dubai you would have experienced problems with respect to your car’s cleanliness and shine. It’s hard to keep the car clean and shiny in Dubai’s hot and humid environment and dozens of climatic challenges such as dust and bird wastage that make the surface dirty. Being the provider of car polish Dubai, we understand these issues that you face on a routine basis while leaving for office or when you have to go somewhere using that same vehicle that is dirty, unattractive and may embarrass you in front of others. So we thought to suggest you a smart way to deal with all the vehicular problems using the services of car polishing Dubai.



The exterior of your car has to face different problems while you park it outside your office, drive off to reach somewhere to when resting at home. During that time, anything can happen to your car’s shine and that charming essence if it is not covered. The small dust particles may turn into big stain marks if you don’t treat them in a timely manner and ruin the whole charm of your vehicle. In such circumstances, using water to wash your car is not enough as it needs some more attention to be freed from these stubborn stains. When we recommend car polishing services, there’s a reason behind it and that is the guarantee of these stains and mark’s removal. We use car polishing machine to remove the stains and bring that flawless element in your car’s paint. It also helps your car to shine like the early days when you first bought it.



Car owners in Dubai find waxing less time consuming and effective for making the vehicle shine in Dubai’s warm and sunny temperature. But waxing would not work in your favor unless you remove those stained marks from the exteriors of your vehicle. It’s true that waxing helps your car shine but ask yourself if a car would look good with a shiny surface that also contains prominent marks on the front, side doors and back? This is the reason that we recommend the services of car polishing Dubai to remove the stains first and then wax the vehicle as per your desire.



The process begins with gentle mopping using a dusting cloth to remove that thin layer of dust particles surrounding your vehicle’s exterior. Then we proceed to wash off the exteriors with water before applying the polishing solution. Here are two methods that we offer in which the first one is polishing solution’s application with bare hands and the second one is by the usage of the polishing machine.

The selection is based on your car paint’s vulnerability. If the car paint is not dry enough, we use the first method to polish your car and if its condition is better, we use the machine to speed up the work. We ensure that the polishing solution is applied in a circular motion so it could be absorbed well in the surface and kick out any serious stains that are making your vehicle look old and rusty.