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There was a time when driving your car on Sheikh Zayed road used to give you a proud feeling that has gone somewhere now. The vehicle that used to make you feel like a king on his quest to explore the world while riding his faithful horse has turned into a junk. Your car doesn’t bring you compliments and you are thinking to replace it soon but have you thought what could be wrong that is decreasing that charming feeling that you used to have? Being the providers of car tinting Dubai, we’ve noticed some problematic elements that make your vehicle look old, slow and junky. Keep reading to find these issues in your vehicle!


Heat Consumption

Dubai is a hot place with respect to weather condition and sunlight and this is one of the most common issues for drivers and vehicle owners that increases vehicle maintenance expenses. The sunlight not only increases heat consumption problems in your vehicle but also impacts on the interior surfaces of your vehicle that makes your driving experience uncomfortable. For preventing faded dashboards and leather seats and maintaining heat consumption, we recommend using sun control window films on your vehicle’s windows. These films are manufactured with the special type of polyester that holds the heat away and let you be in charge of the heat consumption.


Dust Issues

Another element that is making you hate your car might be that dust and dirt particles that get inside during the long drives you make at any given time of the day. With continuous usage of your vehicle, witnessing a thin layer of dust on the dashboard, front and rear seats is vital if you don’t maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle. Instead of abhorring your car, you may clean it or utilize car detailing services in Dubai on affordable rates and enjoy the clean drives for months.


Fading Car Paint

If you think that your carelessness is just making your vehicle dirty with dust particles then you need to think again. The bare vehicle surface is at a danger of losing its amazing paint following that air pressure it has to bear while you accelerate the speed. When people come to us stating these problems, we propose two very viable and practical solutions to make their car amazing again. One way of protecting your vehicle’s paint is using NANO ceramic coating services that create a molecular net around your vehicle surface and the other is using car paint protection film. The former works on a molecular network around your car’s surface and later is a synthetic plastic film that helps you combat problematic elements.


No Shiny Car Surface

If you’re looking for adding a shiny effect in your vehicle’s outer surface then you just might need to polish the surface with an industry proven product. The car polish works like a magic on your vehicle’s surface and bestow you a feeling of newness in your in your vehicle. Try that if you’ve already used the services of car tinting Dubai, car paint protection and car detailing services as it can make your car shine in Dubai’s sunlight and even during the evening.


Everyday thousands of people come to UAE either for enjoying the holidays or spend some quality time with their partner. Seeing this trend of tourists, you opened up that rental business but how effective are your marketing channels that are bringing in new leads? Where car tinting Dubai offers protection from UV rays and other elements, it can also be used as a marketing channel to attract potential customers. So we thought to put up some ways that you can use the branding vinyl window films to market your business along with protecting your vehicles from that killing sunlight. Read on and discover the ways to market your rental business through branding vinyl window films that are purely customizable according to your needs.


Display Discounts

So tell me, what’s the first thing that your potential customer would want to know about your rental business – the discounts on special occasions, right? And you spend a huge amount of money for getting a space for billboards, TVCs and other marketing channels when you can announce the discounts in a creative and less costly way. You may consider your vehicle’s windows to announce different discounts and attract a massive crowd that notices your vehicles while crossing the road or otherwise. Yes, the service of car tinting Dubai and branding vinyl window films can be utilized for this objective and you can go creative with different fonts and colors that match your business logo. Mention the discount, create the value and leave a phone number or imprint your website so people can reach your sales reps and book the service on discounted price.


Showcase Services

You printed brochures, run a business website and do everything to let people know about the services your rental business offers but how many of them are proving effective so far? It’s a fact that in city like Dubai, no one pays attention unless they really want to use that service. If someone’s interested in your business or might want to rent a vehicle in coming weeks, they’d want to know more about your services and how you may benefit them. The benefit of using the services of car tinting Dubai in your interest is that it helps you to maintain an elegancy in your marketing and let you put words out about your business in a creative way. So you can easily educate the prospect customer about the kind of services you offer and how it can benefit him/her.


Compliment Couples

You see, there are so many events happen in people’s lives and the way they celebrate in this beautiful Emirate is also very interesting. For adding personalization, you may compliment your customers that are either on their honeymoon trip or spending some quality time after a long time together. There are plenty of ideas that you can do with the right usage of the services of car tinting Dubai and customize your vehicle’s windows. For instance, you may imprint your customer’s name or best wishes using branding vinyl window films on their demand and win their hearts with this extra service.


Having one’s own vehicle is a must in Dubai’s fast paced life but what about the security measurements that you have for your car? Is your vehicle safe in that parking lot outside of your office or in your garage? The question is, are you confident about the security level when it comes to your vehicle’s security? Where Car Tinting Dubai allows you to cut fuel costs, it also can help you secure your vehicle so you can feel free from this disturbing thought. So here are some good reasons that why you should install security films in your car.


Increase Response Time:

Did you know that a plain glass can be broken in as low as 3 seconds either with a hammer or any hard substance? Leave high profile security measurements, CCTV cameras and any other safety layer behind and ask yourself if the thief reaches your car then he just needs those 15 seconds to get in and sneak away with it. To your relief, we have specialized safety films for your car windows to increase the safety layer. Park your vehicle anywhere and leave the worries behind about broken glass windows by simply installing security films in your car.


Benefit from Affordable Prices:

Another reason for considering safety window films for your car is that they are not as costly as you might be thinking. On top of that, you can add customized features in your safety films when getting car tinting services in Dubai. You may increase the security measurement for your vehicle by spending few dirhams and feel content. The minimum amount you’ll have to spend starts from AED 50/- but keep in mind that amount varies according to your needs and specifications.


Hold Stealer for Long:

Suppose, a person manages to reach your vehicle by crossing all the security barriers and hits the glass window with a high quality hammer or glass breaker. The benefit of installing safety window in your vehicle is that it keeps the shattered pieces firm for a considerable amount of time. Means you might see so many scratches on your glass windows but finding a prominent hole has minimum chances. While the person struggles to make a bigger hole to reach locks, the security alarm of your vehicle will alert you or any security personnel staying nearby.


Reduce Energy Consumption:

Another good reason for installing security window films in your car is that they help you reduce energy consumption. This significant feature is also embedded in security window films for vehicles to let you get hold of your expenses on energy consumption. So along with securing your vehicle from burglars and car stealers, you can also manage energy consumption in your vehicle.


Reduce UV Light Issues:

One of the most prominent reasons why Emiratis use car tinting services in Dubai is the burning heat and hazardous UV rays. So while manufacturing security window films for your vehicle’s glass, manufacturers also take this aspect in account to provide you a wise option for dealing with UV rays. Just make sure to check with the providers of car tinting services in Dubai that the security window films have this feature.