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Sun Control Films

The glass window makes your beautiful villas, apartments and commercial buildings even more fascinating from the distance. This view appears to be mesmerizing in presence of sunlight, isn’t it? But the problem with the sunlight is that it contains certain unfavorable elements that impact on our skin, furniture, and energy consumption.

To eliminate these challenges – posed by sunlight – we have brought our sun control window film solutions for your residence and commercial premises.

After years of test and trial, we have discovered the right approach of using glass window tinting films to put a stop on UV rays, heating issues and glare problems. Let’s have a close look on the benefits of using sun control window film with your glass windows.

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Key Benefits

We understand the kind of challenges that you face due to chaos of UV rays so we offer our solutions in shape of 3M sun protection film Dubai. We extend our services for sun control window films and glass window tinting services that provide certain benefits as mentioned below:

Temperature Control

The sun control window films have been designed to control excessive heat from entering the premise using glass windows. This helps you in maintaining the temperature that would have increased if your window’s glass is not protected by 3M sun protection film Dubai.

Glare Reduction

With the use of 3M protection film Dubai, you’ll never have to use the blinders or readjust the curtains due to glaring problems. Our sun control window films only let required amount of light inside the premise that enables you to enjoy the sunlight.

UV Rays Blockage

There are different elements present in UV rays that impact on our skin and lead to skin related diseases. Our 3M protection film Dubai have been designed with an approach to eliminate the risk of these elements so you can enjoy working in natural sunlight either in your office or back at home.

Energy Efficiency

The direct contact of sunlight and commercial/residential building creates the abnormal energy consumption problem. With the application of 3M protection film Dubai, you can control over excessive consumption of energy at your residence or commercial premise.
Make best use of sun control window films and secure your residential and commercial buildings with this advanced window film technology today.

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