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Sun Control Films

It’s a known fact that sunlight is good for many reasons but the UV rays it contains is not beneficial for our body as well as the place we live in. So we propose a better solution to deal with UV rays, heating issues and energy consumption problems through our sun control window films that can be ordered in any shape and size.

Our sun control window films are specially designed to combat the heat transmission problems we usually face in our houses either through winnows or glass doors. The unique engineering system that we used in sun control window film’s preparation allows us to decrease the energy consumption rate and let you enjoy the soothing sunlight as you sit near the window. Another plus point that our sun control window films offer is the maximum glare reduction feature so you never have to change the location when working on laptop or enjoying your favorite show on TV.

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We try our best to provide you sun control films and window tinting services anywhere in Dubai with following features as mentioned below.

Low Cost

We offer our sun control window films on competitive prices so you can secure your residence from UV rays and other elements transmitted by sunlight.


Our sun control window films not only maintain your style statement but also help you in keeping the energy consumption rate low with their unique manufacturing properties.


We offer sun control window films to keep the heat out of your residence along with providing your glass a firm property so it can bear different air pressure and climatic changes.

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