Marketing is all about sharing the word out to the ideal market that would eventually be interested in buying your products/services. We, being the providers of car tinting Dubai and vehicle branding Dubai, always find new ways to help businesses increase their reach and get more exposure through the medium of vehicle branding.
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It has done wonders for different businesses in the past and still going strong for attracting new leads right when you’re driving a branded vehicle. It’s not the first time that anyone would be using the vehicle branding services as all the big brands include vehicle branding in their marketing strategies. So we thought why don’t we gather the ones that have nailed it on using this option in best way possible?


UPS – United Parcel Service

UPS - United Parcel Service

Founded in August 1907, United Parcel Service is one of the market leaders in logistics and courier services around the globe. The company has amazed us with its creative marketing strategies many times under the leadership of David P. Abney who is serving as the acting CEO of UPS since 2014. Back in August 2017, UPS partnered with Taylor Swift to promote her new album ‘Reputation’ and the approach was quite simple but result oriented. Both of the parties achieved their objectives that were to make people order the Album via UPS’s courier service using #TaylorSwiftDelivery promo code in return of a concert ticket to her live performance. As the providers of car tinting Dubai and vehicle branding services, we concluded few key aspects of the kind of vehicle branding they used on their vehicles that are mentioned below:

  • Their branding strategy was based on 3 components i.e. image, color scheme and typography that kept it simple yet powerful for attracting the passersby.
  • The use of maroon color was totally in line with UPS’s advertising designs.
  • The kind of font and typography approach they used prompts anyone to read the message with ease and make a clear decision on time.

Frito Lays

Frito Lays

It’s not always that brands use vehicle branding services to list their products/service or imprint business logo on the truck and Frito Lays has just showed us another creative side of this medium. Back in 2013, they launched campaign #DoUsAFlavor and asked about 14 million people to share their favorite flavor of this potato chip. Thousands of people started submitting their answers and finally 4 flavors were selected based on the voting i.e. Cappuccino, Kettle Cooked, Bacon Mac & Cheese and Wavy. Along with other marketing mediums, they imprinted the same question on their trucks in a smart way for gaining more exposure. This trick worked in their favor as they had an additional marketing channel to leverage their campaign with an advantage of displaying the brand in a unique way. Here are the key aspects of their vehicle branding!

  • They used the sides of truck and didn’t miss to occupy the place which is a smart thing from a marketer’s perspective.
  • They listed all four flavors along with a catchy line that urges them to vote and leads to website. Again clear and concise message!
  • The size was big enough to be read from a considerable length while the truck is on the move.

Coca-Cola Co.

Coca-Cola Co.

Launching its campaign ‘#ShareACoke’ back in 2011 in Australia, Coca-Cola Co. received a considerable boost in its sales revenue. As WSJ states, the company saw a 0.4 percent increase in its sales during August 2014 in comparison to the same period of previous years. The campaign helped Coca-Cola Co. in rebuilding the trust and set a new trend amongst the younger generation that was keen to find her name on the can. As one of their marketing channels, they successfully garnered the reach of their campaign using their truck’s both sides. If we talk about the design, it had few significant components that you can use in your branding strategy when wrapping your business trucks or vehicles.

  • The color red was one of the prominent elements in their branding endeavors to keep the campaign in line with their business values.
  • They used the hash tag ‘#ShareACoke’ prominently to help people memorize it and use when they tweet or share an image.
  • They utilized their transport line very well which is one of the reasons for the success of their marketing campaigns.

Vehicle Branding Dubai (Benefits)

As the providers of car tinting Dubai and vehicle branding services in Dubai, we offer a wide range of branding solutions to businesses. Our aim is to help every business concern make best use of that plain area of their vehicle line and turn it into a strong medium of marketing message. This means your message moves with your wheels wherever they go. Simple as that!

You may speak with one of our branding experts on 12345 and get creative solutions for boosting your marketing into a creative and cost effective way.

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