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Marine Sun Control Films

We want you to experience the amazing experience on the deck through our sun control window films. No matter whether you’re a yacht owner looking to increase sales or a traveler sailing about Dubai’s vast sea areas, our sun control window films act as a barrier between your comfort zone and hazardous UV rays that might spoil the moment with excessive heat issues.

. So when we provide you with our window tinting services in Dubai, we cover every inch of your yacht from where the light comes in and also bring the health concerns with it. Our sun control window films are designed and crafted through the latest engineering methods and have been tested several times to ensure the maximum safety of your yacht’s interiors and the people boarding it for a memorable sea tour.

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Our sun control window film range includes the below-mentioned features for meeting your style standards and expectation.


Our sun control window films are flexible enough that they take only a few minutes for getting installed on your glass doors and windows and hold a tight grip on your glass.

Heat Resistant

One of the best reasons that you should consider installing our sun control window films is because they keep the excessive heat out by letting the natural light in.


Our utmost effort is to keep the prices low so you can treat the glass doors and windows through our sun control window films without worrying about the costs.

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