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In our profession of providing window tinting Dubai, we often hear our customers ask the same question that why do they need to tint their glass-based items. We live in a modern age and our life is surrounded by those glass walls, windows and doors that make the premise look attractive. But the question still remains unanswered that are we really safe behind those glass walls, windows or doors whatsoever?

Since there is another option of getting those windows/walls and doors secured with a specialized window tint but very few people know about their application to the fullest. So we thought why not write about the tints and glass that protects us from dust, theft and all possible unpleasant events while we’re in our office building or enjoying the meal at the dinner back at home.



Since there are different available options that you may consider for your glass based items, both in form of glass or tinting films, the decision making phase becomes tough. So here’s a little comparison of the types – which we commonly use – to help you make a wise decision. The selected types are based on the popular options that people use in their premise with a short comparison between glass and tinting options:

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Solar Control
  • Safety & Security
  • Mirrored Glass


A very common type of glass – that we use in buildings – is the thermal insulation glass that is created using different glass layers. It is basically used to maintain the temperature of a room and contain the energy within the covered boundary. If you’re on a budget and want to receive the same feature, there’s an alternative of this medium in shape of specialized window tinting films.

When speaking to the service provider, do mention this feature and you may know more about the kind of technology it is made of and how it can benefit you. For your relief, it is cheaper than the thermal insulation glass sheet both in terms of general costs and installation procedures.



See…you already know what’s the biggest challenge of Emiratis, don’t you? I’m speaking about the sunrays and the distractions they create from time to time, right? As a wise approach the builder would usually use solar control glass that prevents any harmful effect that the UV rays bring in with the light.

Since they perform different functions than a normal glass sheet, they are costly. Even if you have regular glass sheet installed in your building, window or doors facing direct sunlight, you still can keep the UV rays out of the premise. The sun control window films provide just the same feature and on a very nominal expense. They can be applied to any type of glass that requires the exceptional feature to prevent UV rays effects within the premise.



As the glass is a vulnerable and fragile substance so the concerns with its durability always find way into our mind, right? Some would suggest installing toughened glass – that is commonly known as gorilla glass – to prevent any unpleasant event. But there are certain elements that hold people back from investing their money in this type of glass in which the cost tops the list.

Secondly, they might be not a very good choice for your window type due to limited options in color. This is why we offer specialized safety and security window films to accommodate your specific needs in terms of making your place securer and attractive simultaneously. And on top of that, you can avail different color options to match with your other settings within the premise.



You probably have seen a reflexive glass window that looks exactly like your bathroom mirror, have you? The concept behind it uses a metal sheet with the glass layer for creating this effect that looks attractive. There’s a problem with this kind of glass that we often see in our buildings, windows and doors that when they get hit by a forceful substance, they get scratches and sometimes smash down.

The cracks are very visible and you have to spend all the money again for maintaining the area. Suppose, you’ve installed a window tinting film instead of that mirror glass on a normal glass sheet to obtain the same effects and it gets scratched. The plus point here is that you can simply change the window film with the new one instead of replacing the whole glass sheet.



I hope this answers all your queries but if you still have a small element of confusion in your mind then you need to read this:

  • Window films are more durable than the fragile glass sheets that eventually reduce cost and maintenance expenses.
  • Window tinting films are cheaper in terms of installation and maintenance expenses.
  • Window tints offer a wide variety of films to customize the place according to your interiors
  • You can install window tints to almost any type of glass based surface for adding creativity, sustainability and durability in its appearance.
  • Tints contain multiple features like heat control, UV rays prevention and multi-patterns to be selected according to your needs.
  • Window tints are easy to install and replace whenever you want to change the interior arrangements.
  • Window tinting films come with a guarantee of 5-10 years which means you again save money in account of replacement and maintenance.

We offer complete range of window tinting services in Dubai for apartments, offices and shops that match your tinting needs. Just call us on +971 543227806 and get the price estimation from our key account managers to get your glass tinted today.

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