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The heat is on its peak and creating different problems for drivers and car owners. If you own a car, you could definitely relate with this rising issue in Dubai that is making the driving experience uncomfortable for majority of drivers. For every problem, there’s always a solution and to fix the heat issue during the driving, you need to give car tinting Dubai a try in order to make your vehicle interiors bearable again. This time of the year has brought different changes in rules of car tinting Dubai that you might have heard so we thought to share more reasons similar to that news. Read on and find out why car tinting Dubai is beneficial in this period of the running year and make your investment count.



The temperature in Dubai always stays on a high scale and creates issues for its habitants in various activities. We might have used technology in our best interest to reduce the heat in apartments, shops and offices but the roads still act as a burning vessel for pedestrians and people with any kind of vehicle. Suppose, you’re going somewhere in your car and the AC system breaks down and you’ll have to suffer from the heated environment of your vehicle. Even if the AC system is broke, still it’s very difficult to drive in a hot season. When we recommend car tinting Dubai during this season, you get numerous types of window films to secure your car’s windows that are designed to keep the heat outside.



The traffic department has recently announced a new rule for window tints that would allow you to tint the car windows to up to 50% and add more privacy in your driving experience. The previous rule for car tinting in Dubai was decided to be up to 30% which is now increased to 50% in July 2017 by the officials. You can tint the windows up to 50% and benefit from this recent change in car tinting unless you’re an individual car owner. This rule doesn’t apply on taxi drivers and truck drivers as they require a clearer view of the road during the night.



The sun not only sends heat to the earth in massive amount but also creates different problems particularly for the drivers in shape of reflexive light. Have you ever experienced such a moment when that sharp sunlight distracted you during the drive from Dubai to another emirate? This happens due to collision between direct sunlight and bare sunglass that is covering you from the hot wind. The window films are designed to exclude these vehicular issues for the drivers and cost very less in comparison to installation of a new window glass. Since you’re seeking comfort in your driving experience during this hot season, our recommendation is to try car tinting Dubai and keep these issues at a distance from your car.

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