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Keeping the diversity of Dubai’s population, we’ve designed our window tinting solutions in numerous ways and blackout window films are one of them. Unlike others, you might want to secure your commercial property with 0% transparency and this is where our blackout window films play a useful role. Whether you want to install them at the front or want to secure specific sections of your commercial property, we provide exact size and shape to cover the glass with our blackout window films that give you total control over the privacy. We give you complete control over your privacy through our flexible window tinting solutions when it comes to blackout window films and keeping your commercial space personal.

Our blackout window films are very friendly with artificial light and can maintain infra-red rejection quantity as per your requirements. Our advanced method of designing and manufacturing allows you to keep the interiors secure from blazing UV rays that is one of the common issues of Dubai’s climate. We guarantee the maximum glare reduction quality in our blackout window films to increase your comfort level throughout the day. We care about you and this is the reason that our blackout window films are trusted by countless Emirati users.

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  • Thickness
  • Visual Light Transmission
  • Total solar energy rejected
  • Infra Red Rejection
  • Visible Light Reflection
  • UV Rejection
  • Glare Reduction

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