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The 46th National Day is just around the corner and everyone is already very excited for celebrating this event with friends or family members. Before your excitements reach the sky, we’ve got something to aware you about the recent fine notices that UAE police department has announced earlier this week.

There are a number of fines awaiting for the traffic rule violators that go crazy and disturb the peaceful flow of traffic on special events like National Day. If you have some bad driving habits then you should not take charge of the steering on 46th National Day as you could be fined up to Dh2000/-. Yes, it’s true that traffic officials have been looking for the mischievous drivers that create trouble and devised a complete list of traffic rule violators.

As a provider of car tinting Dubai, we care about your safety and want you to stay away from getting fined on National Day. So here is a comprehensive list of all the fines that have been designed for the reckless drivers and car owners in UAE.


National Day Fine Checklist:

So you’re all ready to hit the road and have some rocking moment with your gang by accelerating the vehicle on full speed? We urge you to read and memorize these fines that are connected with each traffic violation and cause point deduction if you commit any of them on road.

  • If you cover the number plate deliberately then you could be fined Dh400/- by traffic officials.
  • There is a Dh400/- fine decided for all those that block the traffic and create problems for others.
  • Try to abide by the traffic instructions otherwise you could end up in getting fined up to Dh400 and receiving 4 black pts.
  • Avoid driving your vehicle alongside unauthorized march as it would cause a Dh500/- fine with 4 black pts and 15 days of legal custody.
  • Never write anything on windshield, windows or rear mirror of your vehicle as it could get you fined up to Dh500/-.
  • Stopping the car in middle of road for any reason can cause you Dh1000/- fine with 6 black pts.
  • Try not to tint your vehicle beyond the authorized limit otherwise you could be fined up to Dh1500.
  • There is a Dh2000/- fine with 12 black pts for driving a vehicle that makes too much noise.
  • Don’t drive recklessly as it has a Dh2000/- fine with 23 black pts.

Apart from these specific fines for National Day celebrations, there is another rule that is specifically created for certain class of drivers. A driver who leaves the car on road amidst of a minor accident would be fined Dh500/- for not removing the vehicle from the road that could create problems for a smooth traffic flow. Drive safe, follow the traffic rules and enjoy the 46th National Day celebrations with your friends or family members.

As a provider of car tinting Dubai and car detailing services, we hope that you have a fantastic event without facing any traffic violation penalties.