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Whether you sell delicious food items or deal with the trade of jewels from Dubai’s top business locations, your shop should be perfect in every aspect. Regardless of the efforts you make to keep it one of the best places to shop, there’s something always missing in your master plan to run your business. Nope! It’s not about your marketing strategies or selling approach as they are perfect but I’m speaking about the comfort level of the workers. As the providers of window tinting Dubai, we understand that missing component in your shop’s glasses and that is the privacy window films. So we thought to jot down few good reasons to try privacy window films for your shop’s glass based sections. Read on!


Extra Privacy

No doubt see through glass based windows and doors are vital to attract pedestrians to come and try your products. But sometimes this ‘too much’ openness becomes a hurdle to carry on business activities especially if you’re concerned about the money. This is where the privacy window films come into play to bestow you the kind of privacy that you need especially in front of counter section. And the best part about privacy window films is that you can always customize the transparency according to your preference. Speak with the provider of window tinting Dubai and you can get different suggestions with respect to the kind of available privacy window film options and maintain the appearance of your shop.


More Safety

When we recommend installing privacy window films, the privacy is not just the only feature it will offer. There are more features that you may expect from the kind of privacy window films that you intend to install on your shop’s glass based items. Have you ever thought that the glass based sections are very vulnerable to anything that hits the glass and shatters it into pieces? This is where you need to provide your glass windows and doors an added protection against all these elements. No matter you select Mirror Effect Films, One Way Vision or Branding Vinyl as every type contains this element of protection. So once you install a privacy window film onto your glass, you can leave the worries with respect to your glass’s vulnerabilities.


Low Maintenance

You spend a lot of money to keep your shop in best shape so when anyone enters the place they never have to feel awkward on its conditions, right? Well, the good news is that utilizing the benefits of window tinting Dubai comes with an added benefit and that is the lowest maintenance cost of the tint. Firstly, every window tint comes with a lifetime guarantee and suppose if anything goes wrong or against your interior settings, you can always fix the issue without spending a hefty amount.


Glare Reduction

When we are speaking about the numerous benefits of installing privacy window films into your shop how can we forget about the glare that frequently disrupt your attention during the day? Yes, the light coming from sun sometimes becomes an irritation instead of a blessing if you operate from a location that is in direct contact of sunlight. So, instead of compromising on your comfort level, we suggest you to consider installing privacy window films on your shop’s glass based sections and prevent the glaring issues from happening.


Energy Efficiency

As we have stated in our earlier posts, the privacy window films are not just good at blocking the inside vision from outside as they have something more to offer. Have you ever realized how much electricity you consume to keep the temperature at a normal level during business hours? Not anymore! The privacy window films have a special kind of formula that allows them to preserve the interior temperature so you never have to keep the AC system running.


Smart Security Approach

As the providers of window tinting Dubai, we totally agree with you on the burglary concerns that you have while the shop is closed. And we’re not just extending our moral support to share your concerns but we go beyond by helping you with a privacy window film that reduces the break-in time of the thieves. Yes, where a fragile glass breaks down in the matter of seconds, the window tint keeps it together for 3-4 minutes which is enough time for the forces to reach at the spot and prevent any unpleasant instance inside your shop.

So what are you waiting for? This is the best time to call on +971 54 322 7806 and speak with one of our window tinting specialist and receive full estimation of your job. Call soon!


A sunny day, good mood and lots of customers coming into your shop and what else you need to feel lucky, right? Now imagine the sunlight that is making your face glow on road is proving to be an irritating element in your routine work then how would you feel? Offended…no doubt! As the providers of window tinting Dubai, we always ask our customers to stay extra cautious if they operate from a location that is directly in contact with sunlight and UV rays. And majority of business places in Dubai are in constant contact of sunlight that affect not only your health but business activities and inventories if you don’t use precautions. So here’s your guide to discover the vulnerable place of your workplace and how sun control window films can prevent any unfavorable situation at your premise.


What is Sun Control Window Film?

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Before we go further to evaluate different aspects of sun control window films and wonders of window tinting Dubai, here’s a little introduction of sun control films.

As you see that the humongous planet in our universe – the Sun – emits light that helps us in seeing everything with our eyes with clear vision. Back in 1801 a German scientist discovered a rather dangerous side of sunlight that had both benefits and harms to human health and termed it as ultraviolet (UV) ray. It was further divided into 3 different categories according to its strength and severity to human health i.e. UVA, UVB and UVC.

The first 2 are one of the most notorious and talked about forms of UV rays that create problems for human health and damage the surfaces when passed through plain glass. So scientists came up with a window film that could protect us from the harmful effects of UV rays in form of sun control window films. They come in different types but that’s the discussion for another day (or post maybe). So let’s move on and get back to the business!


Vulnerable Places

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So now when you know about the harms UV rays pose to your health and valuables, let’s move on to understand some of the most vulnerable places of your commercial premise. See there are many ways from which the light can enter the premise and our focus should be preventing the hazardous elements of the sunlight that offers no good but disturbs the normal course of life – Yes, I’m speaking about UV rays.

  • As a matter of fact, the most vulnerable place of your commercial premise is the entrance area that has a glass door. If your premise is one of those places that are situated in direct sunlight at Business Bay or on another famous commercial area of Dubai then you are in danger. Not only you but everyone that is making their presence could be affected by the UV rays.
  • After glass doors, the windows are one of the common items that let the UV rays pass through them during the day. As majority of shops and offices usually have large windows so the amount of UV rays is double in comparison to small windows.
  • Third of all, there are glass based ventilators that most offices and shop owners have in their facility. They let the light pass through them and with light the UV rays also make their way into your shop.

So being the providers of window tinting Dubai, we highly recommend you to install sun control window films at these main areas of your premise.


Benefits of Installation

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Are you still in doubt? Don’t worry as we have more to enlighten you about the benefits of sun control window films. So read on!

  • Sun control window films are designed especially to combat the intrusion of UV rays to minimize the harms they pose to your skin cells and appearance of fixture.
  • These films are not very expensive and can be installed on a nominal cost so you don’t have to worry about increased amount of installation expenses.
  • Sun control window films come in different formats and color scheme to match with your exterior’s setting so that you can select the one that is in line with your wall paint and other aesthetics.
  • These window films also come with a guarantee with a lifetime guarantee (usually 5 to 10 years) to minimize the maintenance expenses you usually have with plain glass.
  • These window films are also very useful for maintaining the heat consumption within the premise that sometimes increases your expenses.

We, at Sun Care Window Films, provide complete installation support and multiple sun control window films range to meet your commercial needs. You may always reach to us at +971543227806 to book an inspection with one of our window film expert.


So…you’ve made your mind to use your vehicles as a marketing source to drive in new customers and double the sales right? Great idea! But where would you start to attain this objective since you have very basic knowledge about vehicle branding Dubai ? To make things easy and understandable, here are some useful tips that we always share with our customers that intend to benefit from vehicle branding services in Dubai. Follow the tips, consult with your service provider about the possibilities and beat your competitors in supporting your brand awareness campaigns, special discount offers and many more things that you can do with vehicle branding services.



The marketing itself is a broad term and you need to be specific about the objectives that you want to attain by investing in vehicle branding services. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve by imprinting something on your vehicle’s exterior? Is it you want your customers to memorize your brand name or if you want them to call on a certain number (particularly to your customer care)? Even imprinting your website’s link is a useful way of driving traffic and gain more visitors. Be very specific about your objectives that you want to achieve through vehicle branding services as you won’t want your vehicle to look like a notice board right?



In vehicle branding services, you need to go creative and make your message, concise, clear and engaging using any side of the vehicle. Suppose, you run a cab service that offers multiple services than just picking the customers from their address. Don’t you think that imprinting other services though catchy lines on back door would be effective instead of considering other parts of the vehicle? Be very clear about the message you want to broadcast through that medium as your focus is to make people take certain actions when they read/see something imprinted on your vehicle. Decide whether you want to list all the services, offer a discount or make people visit your work premise for booking or something else when considering vehicle branding services in Dubai.



While planning out the design, you don’t forget that placement of the text or intended message would matter and decide the fate of your marketing results. Suppose, you are offering 5% discounts or giving 1st service hour free to the customers then make these important characters bold, bigger and more attractive in comparison to rest of your message text. Play around a little bit when finalizing your design layout before imprinting the film on your vehicle as it would help you make your investment secure. Try different sizes, color schemes and adjust the core word/character in different places to see where it serves the purpose best.

If you still feel confused then don’t hesitate in taking suggestions from the providers of vehicle branding Dubai as they always have something to suggest you to make your marketing more fruitful and aligned according to your key objectives.


Running a toy shop from Dubai’s top commercial locations is not an easy task and who else can understand this fact more than you being the owner of such place, right? Where it has promising opportunities of growth, it also comes with different challenges and the biggest one among all is the security of those little angels that wander here and there during their visit at your place. So what’s your plan to keep the safe without interrupting their amazement with all the toys and playing area arrangements? Yes, since most of the sections involve glass at your toy shop so we thought point out some key benefits that you may expect from window tinting Dubai. Read on to find out the application of window films, its affordability and how it may serve your business.



From cash counter to display and those wide front windows, everything involves glass and you have to be more careful with respect to their safety in comparison to other non-glass based items, right? In doing so you might have to use a bit harsh attitude to keep everyone away from such items. That is not only for the protection of these items but also for the wellbeing of these people that is mostly consists of children. Being the providers of window tinting services in Dubai, we recommend using security and safety window films to give your glass based items an element of strength instead of sounding offensive. The window film holds the glass together in odd situations and keeps you away from a scenario in which its small particles are spread all over the place. So try that and stay worry free!



Many people hold back with the idea of renovating the place due to a hefty amount that goes into expenses for changing the look and feel of the place. But timely renovation is the need of every business to adapt itself by the taste of customers and win the competition and being a business person you know its value already. Here’s the good news! You don’t need to bear humongous bills in account of renovation expenses when you make your mind for getting the glass based items tinted in your toy shop. Yes, window tinting services won’t cost you more than a few bucks based on your tinting needs so you may get in contact with the providers of window tinting Dubai and get your toy shop a layer of safety on affordable rates.



As mentioned above, the need of adapting your business location with customer’s taste in timely manner is one of the symbols that you run a successful business. Since you sell toys, you should benefit from illustrations and other ideas so the children could relate with your shop’s environment and find the place useful to feed their entertainment thirst. And the good thing is that you don’t have to hire architects to reshape the whole appearance of your shop as the window films would do the job and let you customize the place in creative manner. Wait no further and contact a provider of window tinting services in Dubai now and give your toy shop a desired appearance.


The most heart-wrenching instance is to see your car losing its charm with each passing day due to climatic changes and roadside encounters with stones and pebbles.  Being the providers of car paint protection Dubai,  we under that these elements may look small but when they start affecting your car’s paint, you lose that awesome feeling gradually that you used to have while driving around the city. And believe me, scratches and rashes look very bad when you own a stylish car. Being the providers of car tinting Dubai and car paint protection films, we recommend securing your car’s paint with specialized car paint protection films that work like magic. Read on to find how car paint protection film works in your interest and safeguard the paint from all the problematic elements during the drive.



Whether you’re driving the car on a freeway or it is parked outside your office, the vehicle is not as safe as you think it is. There are different elements that could make things worse for your car’s outer appearance and car paint is one of the most vulnerable elements in such instances. You may be confronted with little rocks, pebbles or any flying object that could bump into your car while you drive off the wheels. Or there could be the heating issue with small particles of dust that first cover the outer surface of your vehicle and then stick to it if you don’t wash it off within a specific window of time.

The bumpers, hood side-view mirrors and side doors in short everything is at a danger of losing its charm due to these problems. The car paint protection film is manufactured in such a way to combat these elements efficiently and work in your favor for a longer period of time. They not only act as a shield but also have a feature of gaining back their natural state if your car adopts a scratching situation.



The car paint protection film is basically a transparent film like the window tinting film but works a little differently. When you bring your car in our workshop, we first inspect each side of the vehicle to cut the film according to your car’s shape and size. After completing the analysis phase, we would start with initial cleaning to remove any dust or debris that your car has. Later when we’re done with that phase, the installation process would begin and we would start installing car paint protection films on different sections of your vehicle.

We’d cover the visible areas first where the paint is prominent and install the paint protection film to give it a permanent protection against above mentioned elements. Once that area is covered, we’d march on to secure minor parts of your vehicle like bumper, hood, side-view mirrors and similar sections that may not be visible on first glance but are vulnerable to this scratching issue.

Protect your lovely car with a paint protection film and leave any thoughts about scratches behind for good.


You own a car in Dubai you would have experienced problems with respect to your car’s cleanliness and shine. It’s hard to keep the car clean and shiny in Dubai’s hot and humid environment and dozens of climatic challenges such as dust and bird wastage that make the surface dirty. Being the provider of car polish Dubai, we understand these issues that you face on a routine basis while leaving for office or when you have to go somewhere using that same vehicle that is dirty, unattractive and may embarrass you in front of others. So we thought to suggest you a smart way to deal with all the vehicular problems using the services of car polishing Dubai.



The exterior of your car has to face different problems while you park it outside your office, drive off to reach somewhere to when resting at home. During that time, anything can happen to your car’s shine and that charming essence if it is not covered. The small dust particles may turn into big stain marks if you don’t treat them in a timely manner and ruin the whole charm of your vehicle. In such circumstances, using water to wash your car is not enough as it needs some more attention to be freed from these stubborn stains. When we recommend car polishing services, there’s a reason behind it and that is the guarantee of these stains and mark’s removal. We use car polishing machine to remove the stains and bring that flawless element in your car’s paint. It also helps your car to shine like the early days when you first bought it.



Car owners in Dubai find waxing less time consuming and effective for making the vehicle shine in Dubai’s warm and sunny temperature. But waxing would not work in your favor unless you remove those stained marks from the exteriors of your vehicle. It’s true that waxing helps your car shine but ask yourself if a car would look good with a shiny surface that also contains prominent marks on the front, side doors and back? This is the reason that we recommend the services of car polishing Dubai to remove the stains first and then wax the vehicle as per your desire.



The process begins with gentle mopping using a dusting cloth to remove that thin layer of dust particles surrounding your vehicle’s exterior. Then we proceed to wash off the exteriors with water before applying the polishing solution. Here are two methods that we offer in which the first one is polishing solution’s application with bare hands and the second one is by the usage of the polishing machine.

The selection is based on your car paint’s vulnerability. If the car paint is not dry enough, we use the first method to polish your car and if its condition is better, we use the machine to speed up the work. We ensure that the polishing solution is applied in a circular motion so it could be absorbed well in the surface and kick out any serious stains that are making your vehicle look old and rusty.


Are you looking to enhance your marketing mediums to bring in new sales for your rental business? Have you tried TVCs, billboards and newspaper ads that promise huge exposure but are failing to cater your business’s marketing needs? You need something unconventional to let the people know about your services and existence. Vehicle branding Dubai is just what you need to spread the word in your targeted audience to attract new sales and make a booming success in your industry. Still, don’t believe how vehicle branding Dubai may help your business grow? Read on and discover the benefits it offers yourself!


  • Your experience in the field definitely has given you the idea about marketing costs when it comes to advertise your business using conventional approaches. Can you calculate for how many times your ad stayed on the medium like was it for 30 seconds, a day or for a week? When you convey the message using your own vehicle with the help of vehicle branding services in Dubai, you become the in charge of your marketing endeavors.
  • Where other mediums such as billboards, TVCs and radio ads offer limited approach to be creative, vehicle branding services in Dubai offer a wide range of designing possibilities. Think of that blank space of your vehicle’s outer surface as the screen and do whatever you want to try with the marketing of the product, service or any limited time offer. You may put a quotation, any creative message that you want to share with your customers or brand your business name wherever the vehicle travels across Dubai on very nominal costs of vehicle branding services.
  • Vehicle branding services are purely customizable according to the need of your marketing campaign. Whether you own a truck, sedan or any type of vehicle to continue your business operations, you may easily display the required message either on the exteriors or on the window of your vehicle. You’re not bound by the limitations such as screen size, run time or any other restrictions that other advertising mediums have. Just negotiate the price, give your visions about the message and let the guys do the magic once the start providing vehicle branding services in Dubai.
  • As mentioned earlier, you pay a considerable amount to market your business and get very few advertising duration in return. Secondly, the medium has limited audience due to a static location such as a TVC could be seen by only those who are watching something on a TV set. The same rule applies on every marketing medium that you can think of. You use those vehicles for transportation either of your customers or for the products that you sell now think of these automobiles as a mobile marketing channel of your business. Your business name goes wherever the wheels take it and let you reach to a wider audience without this limited duration condition.

There are other benefits that you may expect from vehicle branding services in Dubai so seize the opportunity and get in touch with the service providers near you to brand your business on the wheels.


You’ll see a vast range of vehicles on Dubai’s roads and even own one of them that you use on the routine basis. Cars, trucks, taxis and all other types of vehicles are known for their convenience and the ease they provide for transportation. They are also a status symbol or a sign to tell anyone how caring are you with respect to that piece of steel. They lose the charm with the passage of time and that’s a fact but what you can do to fix it is in your hands. When it comes to keeping your cars new, we recommend giving the services of car detailing Dubai a try. They work magically to turn a dirty or old car into new. Find below how it can work in your interest!


There are 3 types of car detailing that you can ask for when entering a garage:



Imagine you happily start your day and set off to the destination but in the middle, you find that your car has adopted different cleaning issues. The odor is almost unbearable, the carpets are full of dusty particles and the inner surrounding is full of different elements that make your day worse. In such circumstances, ordering an interior car detailing service is vital to bring back that new feel of your car’s interior. The guy will handle your dirty doormats, cleanse your leather seat cover and make your dashboards dust free. You may also expect a thorough cleaning procedure to make your windshield and rearview mirror get cleansed from car detailing Dubai.


Exterior Car Detailing:

As you already have experiences with instances in which you find your car in bad condition such as scratches and faded paint and this ruins the looks completely. Before you make your mind for revamping your vehicle from scratch and spend a huge amount of money, spending few bucks on exterior car detailing can save you from that expense. You may expect fixing of faded paints, scratches will be removed and your car’s exterior will be polished using premium quality products that would revive the awesomeness which was missing from your vehicle. Not only that, your car’s tires, from and rear side bumpers and headlights would be taken care of well for just a few hundred dirhams.


Full Car Detailing:

The above-mentioned services were selective and suitable for certain situations in which your vehicle is partially dirty and rest of the part is shining to the satisfactory level. But if you are dealing with a dirty car both from outside and inside, we’d advise you to request for complete car detailing Dubai instead of spending on any other vehicular services that may cost you a considerable amount. You’ll get both the services as mentioned above with only cost difference that is double than the above mentioned estimate. But in return, you may expect a whole new look and feel of your vehicle to drive your wheels in Dubai’s widespread roads with a fresh feeling.

See what works for you and request either interior/exterior or full car detailing services in Dubai and save money that you might spend on other vehicular services.


The heat is on its peak and creating different problems for drivers and car owners. If you own a car, you could definitely relate with this rising issue in Dubai that is making the driving experience uncomfortable for majority of drivers. For every problem, there’s always a solution and to fix the heat issue during the driving, you need to give car tinting Dubai a try in order to make your vehicle interiors bearable again. This time of the year has brought different changes in rules of car tinting Dubai that you might have heard so we thought to share more reasons similar to that news. Read on and find out why car tinting Dubai is beneficial in this period of the running year and make your investment count.



The temperature in Dubai always stays on a high scale and creates issues for its habitants in various activities. We might have used technology in our best interest to reduce the heat in apartments, shops and offices but the roads still act as a burning vessel for pedestrians and people with any kind of vehicle. Suppose, you’re going somewhere in your car and the AC system breaks down and you’ll have to suffer from the heated environment of your vehicle. Even if the AC system is broke, still it’s very difficult to drive in a hot season. When we recommend car tinting Dubai during this season, you get numerous types of window films to secure your car’s windows that are designed to keep the heat outside.



The traffic department has recently announced a new rule for window tints that would allow you to tint the car windows to up to 50% and add more privacy in your driving experience. The previous rule for car tinting in Dubai was decided to be up to 30% which is now increased to 50% in July 2017 by the officials. You can tint the windows up to 50% and benefit from this recent change in car tinting unless you’re an individual car owner. This rule doesn’t apply on taxi drivers and truck drivers as they require a clearer view of the road during the night.



The sun not only sends heat to the earth in massive amount but also creates different problems particularly for the drivers in shape of reflexive light. Have you ever experienced such a moment when that sharp sunlight distracted you during the drive from Dubai to another emirate? This happens due to collision between direct sunlight and bare sunglass that is covering you from the hot wind. The window films are designed to exclude these vehicular issues for the drivers and cost very less in comparison to installation of a new window glass. Since you’re seeking comfort in your driving experience during this hot season, our recommendation is to try car tinting Dubai and keep these issues at a distance from your car.


Life in Dubai is fantastic if you have a stable job, an ideal family and a residency at the best location from where you could see the whole city moving in a beautiful rhythm. But have you thought about the risks you face on routine basis but ignore just to get to the work? By risks I’m referring the weak points of your apartment that insert the seed of terror in your life. Being one of the leading professionals of window tinting Dubai, we often encounter with such cases where people have a poor security plan for their residency. To keep you at safe side, we’ve outlined few signs that would help you locate the weak points in your apartments and get your comfort back.



Have you realized that what is the easiest way to sneak into an apartment like yours? Do you trust those locks and door knobs when going out or you have a little feeling deep down into your heart that this security layer is not trustworthy enough? To your surprise, that little feeling is an indication for you to consider either replacing your door knobs or change the way you secure your house. Being the busiest city of UAE, life in Dubai is quite fast and you have to manage your security matters all by yourself rather than relying on building’s security service because that’s not enough. As one of the leading providers of window tinting Dubai, we always recommend our customers to use an electronic security system that is attached to their mobile phones so they can always check back things at home when traveling or busy at the office.



The fact that most apartments in Dubai use a huge amount of glass based objects in which the windows lead just for the sake of increasing the beauty of your apartment is another serious concern with respect to your secure life. The problem with these glass based items is that they are very fragile sometimes and anyone can sneak into your premise and make your life a mess. As a leading provider of window tinting Dubai, we’ve introduced advanced safety and security window films that give your glass a sturdy feature and make it shatter proof. Life’s unpredictable but we can always be ready to face the uncertainties and these safety and security window films are designed just by keeping this fact in account so you can stay worry free with respect to your apartment’s security. The good thing about these safety and security window films is that they come in very affordable prices in comparison to those huge interior designing expenses you earlier faced while renovating your place.



Have you ever felt that some uninvited eyes are chasing you even in the comfort of your premise? This is a very common situation when you’re living in a glass house, or at least have large windows, that you can’t feel safe anymore. For all those unwanted eyes and neighbors with chasing habits, we have a permanent solution in shape of our privacy window films that come in different textures and color range to match with your interior’s settings. So take the action now and add the privacy using our expertise of window tinting Dubai.