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No one likes to sit in a dull and boring place whether it’s for work, study or for anything else. A common element of every premise – in Dubai – is the glass based windows and doors that give crystal clear view of both sides. Have you ever thought that these glass windows and doors can brighten the premise with little addition of Frosted Stickers? We thought why not suggest some good reasons to urge you to consider frosted stickers and revamp the whole place without spending much on your interior designing plans. Here are some useful applications of frosted stickers and few thoughtful reasons to demonstrate you the real potential of this type of window film.


Frosted stickers work in your favor by allowing you to be in control of your own privacy. Imagine a shop with bare glass that gives everyone inside view and now compare it with a similar place that has frosted stickers installed on its glass windows (or doors). Which place would provide more privacy to the insiders from the above mentioned settings? I’m sure your answer would be the one with frosted sticker, right? And the best part is that frosted stickers don’t just give you privacy element but also allow you to select from multiple set of designs to match with your interior settings (as described below).


If you recall the furnishing expenses a few months ago, you’ll discover a hefty amount on the balance sheet that disturbed your yearly budget in account of decorations isn’t it? One of the benefits of installing frosted stickers on your glass based items is that they are very economic and doesn’t cost you much. You can easily get frosted stickers installed against a few bucks and keep up with your designing expectations at the workplace. All you need to do is find the window tinting services in Dubai and ask them to show you few examples of frosted stickers to get started. If you don’t find a good match, you may also get them design a custom design for your premise’s glass windows and doors.


Whether you want to keep things colorful or like colorless effects, frosted stickers allow you to decorate your place your way. This means you have full freedom of making selection from patterns, colors, texture or any form to keep the windows and doors intact with your interior arrangements. Suppose, you don’t like to add loud colors to the glass windows and doors but you do want to keep the element of privacy without going total blind. This is where frosted stickers come in play by allowing you partial cover and partial visible (but blurry) view of both sides. You may try different shapes to make your windows and doors attractive (yet private) using frosted stickers and be your own boss in terms of privacy.

Wider Scope

Another interesting reason to consider frosted stickers is that they allow you to pick from different types of stickers to be installed at different section of your workplace. You may get creative and install a frosted sticker sheet having your logo or marketing message instead of using simple one. In similar way, you may get help of colors, patterns and other creative approaches to spice up your workplace’s look and feel using frosted stickers. We offer a wide range of installation and frosted sticker products to our clients here in Dubai,

For further discussion on how you can make most out of your workplace’s feel using the frosted sticker, speak with our window tinting experts on +971 58 138 0494 now.


Whether you sell stationery, run a jewelry shop or dealing with other type of products, your shop acts like a loyal partner to make your business successful. Given the fact that most people judge your shop from the outer appearance it has, we believe that frosted glass stickers can help you add more glamour into your shop’s outer appearance. For further highlighting the importance of Frosted Sticker, here are some features that you can add into your glass windows and doors.



The primary reason for using window tinting services in Dubai and installing those frosted glass stickers is due to the customization option they offer. Whether you have old style windows or looking a permanent solution to secure fragile glass, you can find all shape and sizes of frosted glass stickers. You may order premade designs with accurate size measurements or some window tinting service providers may even accommodate you with a custom size and shape of your desired frosted glass sticker.



The key to attract potential customers is to install glass doors and windows for displaying your product range. But the glass brings a risk of breakage that eventually increases your maintenance expenses. The reason to suggest you frosted glass stickers is due to their affordability feature. Whether you just want to secure entrance area or protect glass windows from unfavorable situations, you just need to spend few dirhams and forget about any such problems. Install frosted glass stickers and add style with affordable prices in your glass doors and windows.



When it comes to decorations and beautifying your shop’s exteriors, frosted glass stickers also prove a wise approach. From colorless frosted glass stickers to wide color range and texture pattern, you get a wide range of styles for further decorating the appearance of your shop. Whether you want to install graffiti or showcase your business name in abstract art pattern, you get all these features in frosted glass stickers for making your shop an ideal place for transactions.



No matter if you’ve installed elite quality glass in your doors and windows your business is always at a risk of getting damaged from UV rays. This is one of the uncontrollable issues for Dubai’s citizens and frosted glass stickers come with a unique proposition to eliminate this risk from your life. The UV protection feature of these frosted glass stickers not only helps you to secure the inner place against killing sunrays but also help you in sustaining the energy consumption to ideal level.



One of the primary reasons that you should consider frosted glass stickers when decorating your shop’s doors and windows is the shatter proof quality it has. Breaking in and burglaries can’t be ignored especially when your shop has more glass than walls so you better be ready to tackle these burglars and night crawlers that might damage your business. The shatter proof feature of these frosted window films increase the duration of breakage that gives you plenty of time to call police or some kind of help to prevent the incident from taking place.