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Whether you sell stationery, run a jewelry shop or dealing with other type of products, your shop acts like a loyal partner to make your business successful. Given the fact that most people judge your shop from the outer appearance it has, we believe that frosted glass stickers can help you add more glamour into your shop’s outer appearance. For further highlighting the importance of Frosted Sticker, here are some features that you can add into your glass windows and doors.



The primary reason for using window tinting services in Dubai and installing those frosted glass stickers is due to the customization option they offer. Whether you have old style windows or looking a permanent solution to secure fragile glass, you can find all shape and sizes of frosted glass stickers. You may order premade designs with accurate size measurements or some window tinting service providers may even accommodate you with a custom size and shape of your desired frosted glass sticker.



The key to attract potential customers is to install glass doors and windows for displaying your product range. But the glass brings a risk of breakage that eventually increases your maintenance expenses. The reason to suggest you frosted glass stickers is due to their affordability feature. Whether you just want to secure entrance area or protect glass windows from unfavorable situations, you just need to spend few dirhams and forget about any such problems. Install frosted glass stickers and add style with affordable prices in your glass doors and windows.



When it comes to decorations and beautifying your shop’s exteriors, frosted glass stickers also prove a wise approach. From colorless frosted glass stickers to wide color range and texture pattern, you get a wide range of styles for further decorating the appearance of your shop. Whether you want to install graffiti or showcase your business name in abstract art pattern, you get all these features in frosted glass stickers for making your shop an ideal place for transactions.



No matter if you’ve installed elite quality glass in your doors and windows your business is always at a risk of getting damaged from UV rays. This is one of the uncontrollable issues for Dubai’s citizens and frosted glass stickers come with a unique proposition to eliminate this risk from your life. The UV protection feature of these frosted glass stickers not only helps you to secure the inner place against killing sunrays but also help you in sustaining the energy consumption to ideal level.



One of the primary reasons that you should consider frosted glass stickers when decorating your shop’s doors and windows is the shatter proof quality it has. Breaking in and burglaries can’t be ignored especially when your shop has more glass than walls so you better be ready to tackle these burglars and night crawlers that might damage your business. The shatter proof feature of these frosted window films increase the duration of breakage that gives you plenty of time to call police or some kind of help to prevent the incident from taking place.


To succeed in business, marketing plays an important role and branding vinyl films are a better approach that you need to consider for your new marketing plans. What else you need when protection comes with style to keep you ahead of the competition? So if you’re looking for a new marketing strategy, we are here to suggest you one very creative way to attract more people towards your business through the branding vinyl films or the frosted stickers. If you’re still not convinced, here are some good reasons to think about it.


Among so many other benefits of branding vinyl films (also known as frosted sticker) is that they can be used in so many different places. It doesn’t matter that you run a shop, operate from an office or want to add a stylish flare in your vehicle lines as these films are just perfect for your plans regarding business promotion. You may tell image based stories on your glass windows or get people’s attention to remember your brand’s name. There are endless possibilities that you can have with branding vinyl films.

Cost Effective

Now think about the costs that you have to spend when installing billboards and handing over brochures periodically to let people know about a recent promotion from your business. Now what if you don’t have to pay that much and the marketing objectives are achieved through these branding vinyl films? No spending on billboards, no more brochure costs or any other massive expenses on your marketing as you can do all these things with these window films. All you need to spend is a few dirhams and you can attain all your marketing goals to make your small business a big success.

Easy Installation

If you’re dealing with window tinting Dubai for the first time, you might be thinking that it takes a lot of time and effort to install these branding vinyl window films. You’re right to some extent but the installation doesn’t require so much time if you do it right. If you don’t know how to install window films yourself then you may hire a professional to do the job on your behalf and it would take only about 30 minutes to complete the whole process.


The best part about installing a branding vinyl window film is that you can choose the design that resonate with your business values and work culture. You may go with a pre-defined pattern or order a custom design that can actually represent your business to prospects and ultimate customers. You may add quotations to get attention or aid abstract art into your marketing efforts to look different from your competitors.


As you know that the simple glass is fragile and can be shattered with few jerks or through a solid substance. And when you choose branding vinyl window films, you are not only adding style into your glass but also benefiting from its anti-shatter quality that keeps the burglars out for a considerable amount of time. And if, God forbidden, anything goes wrong then your alarm systems would alert the forces to handle the matters on time.


From offices to shops and apartments to spacious villas you’ll see windows and glass doors everywhere that require special attention on your part. Gone are days when we used to prefer plywood doors and framed windows as the glass has taken over our lifestyle rapidly. But what’s missing in your glass doors and windows that would actually make your place stand out? Why don’t you consider frosted glass stickers to add that charm and stylish appeal in your interiors? We’ve some real good reasons to try frosted glass stickers to stay ahead of style trends in Dubai.



No matter what you’re buying but this specific quality is a must have for any product if you really want to spend the money at right place. The same thing applies here when choosing window films to add strength in your fragile glass doors and windows. But frosted stickers come with exception in comparison to other window films available in market. And what’s more surprising is that they come with durability characteristic so you won’t have to spend your money again and again.



In past few years, the demand for frosted glass stickers has grown due to the versatility and wide range of designs and color scheme. The good thing about frosted glass stickers is that they allow you to pick your favorite shade, color and style that comply with other interior settings you already have. You can order custom frosted glass stickers as per your need or purchase from premade products that are available at a reasonable price. With color scheme, design and style facility, you can easily twist up your interior settings.



The problem with wallpapers is that they are not water-resistant and you have to replace them if they get wet. But the plus point of frosted stickers is that they are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about any water splashes that might ruin your settings in case of wallpapers. This quality of frosted stickers make them cost friendly as you won’t be changing them very often. Plus, they are very easy to install and require no much time so you won’t be stopping your routine during the installation.



Curtains and drapes make the view very pleasant when hung in an artistic way but the negative aspect of these articles is that they get dirty. You have to wash them routine wise to keep them clean and to be used in a crowded premise like office or at your shop. As stated earlier, frosted glass stickers come in variety of designs so you can pick your favorite design and forget any such cleaning routine. Say goodbye to laundry and enjoy the pleasant view that your frosted glass sticker adds into the room.



Businesses are on hunt to find new ways for marketing and increasing their PR so here’s another reason for using frosted glass stickers. You may also use frosted glass stickers in a creative way and represent your logo, business name or anything that reflect your business values on your glass doors and cabinets. This way, you add privacy into your office and let others know about your existence.