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Blackout Window Films

We understand that your customers need privacy when they book for a special event and this is where our blackout window films play an important role and serve the purpose in desired manner. Our blackout window films help you to maintain customer satisfaction and also protect them against flashing sunrays when they don’t want to be in sunlight. Our blackout window films easily become part of the theme and let your yacht be a pearl under the sunny sky and between widespread sea areas. Imagine your yacht looking like a pearl in the sea through these dark blackout window films.

Our blackout window film items are specifically designed to meet your window size and shape and take only few minutes for getting fixed. You may order custom size or choose from our pre-designed size chart to treat your yacht with a creative approach. Our blackout window films are also very effective for increasing the durability of glass doors and windows and can bear different pressure that may break the glass if window films are not applied. Other than that, our blackout window films are also very effective in solar energy rejection and let you block the heat level from sunrays.

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Black Out

  • Thickness
  • Visual Light Transmission
  • Total solar energy rejected
  • Infra Red Rejection
  • Visible Light Reflection
  • UV Rejection
  • Glare Reduction

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