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As an expert window films expert, we understand the needs of different people that are looking a perfect solution for maintaining a personalized feel in their private live at home. Our blackout window films are specifically designed to meet your needs effectively and give you complete control over your personal life whether it’s the bedroom, living area or any part of your beautiful residency. We know how disturbing you may feel at times when you require complete, or partial, darkness in the room and the light spoils the mood and moment.

So when we provide blackout window film solutions in Dubai, we keep every aspect of your privacy standards in mind to maximize the comfort level of yours and the one you care about. Because we believe in making our customers happy and at peace with various concerns like light disturbance, spying eyes from neighborhood and anything that you don’t want to experience. Our blackout window films are designed to facilitate your needs in various ways and maintain the calm and peaceful private moments that you wish to have in your home. Because we don’t just deal in blackout window films in Dubai but also work to maintain your trust level.

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  • Thickness
    1.5mil – 2mil
  • Visual Light Transmission
    10% – 35%
  • Total solar energy rejected
    75% – 85%
  • Infra Red Rejection
    90% – 95%
  • Visible Light Reflection
    14% – 58%
  • UV Rejection
  • Glare Reduction
    75% – 95%

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