People get their cars tinted here in Dubai for many reasons to keep the interiors safe from fading away and there are various other benefits that make it a necessity. We all know that car tinting Dubai serves us in numerous ways like reducing the energy consumption, keeping UV rays at bay and adding a stylish appeal to your car’s side and rear windows. You get window tinting services and you’re in charge of your privacy but we have more questions for you to answer. Do you know if the window tinting has done rightly on your car’s windows or not? Like what are the possible signs when you need to replace your car’s tint and stay away from any mishap.

Is it turning light purple?

We know that you’re not a tech guy but believe us that you don’t have to be that into cars to figure out this thing. You own a car you probably have it tinted by someone offering professional window tinting services in Dubai. Here’s a little catch! When we get our car window’s tinted with low quality window films, they start producing purplish color that is an indication for you. This happens when the window film cannot stand against the heating sunlight and it is time for you to replace the window films.

Is your car tint installed right?

If we describe the window tinting process in steps, there are only few steps that one has to go through to install window films on a car’s side and rear mirror. You wash the surface, install window film and squeeze it with tint squeegee and you’re all done. Yes! You’re done installing window films on your car’s windows but things are easier said than done so hold on. As before this phase, one has to take the right measurement of your car window’s size. That is essential as if the measurements are not taken rightly then it will look ugly on your car’s windows.

Can you spot any bubbly or blotchy surface?

As described earlier, the installation process is consisted of 3 to 4 steps only but one has to be very careful at this point. After when the measurements are taken, the installer needs to be very careful when extracting liquid with a squeegee as it will decide if it is done rightly or not. If a quack handles your window tinting then chances are you’ll end up having bubbly surface. One needs to be very careful when installing or squeegeeing the tint to extract liquid. As if we miss to do it carefully at this point, you’ll have to repeat the whole process from scratch with a new window tint.

Is it cheap window film?

When you’re investing in window films for your car, don’t go for cheap window films as it’s just a waste of time. There are 3 to 4 types that you can consider for your car’s windows like dyed, deposited, sputtered and hybrid. Whatever window film you choose for your car’s window, just make sure it’s not of cheap quality and come with a warranty. Keep this in mind that quality does matter when considering a product for your car’s window tinting and never rely completely on the price.

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