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Running a salon successfully in city like Dubai sometimes bring additional challenges like keeping up with the expectations of your loyal customers and maintaining the service quality. Along with old clientele, you’d want new customers to grow your business so here we are with some decoration ideas for your salon. Being the providers of window tinting Dubai, we’ve worked with different salon owners and here is the decoration pattern we’ve observed in Dubai’s top salons.



So tell me…what would your customers see when they first enter your salon? In most cases, the walls play very important role when it comes to attracting and impressing the new people. So the very first thing that you need to do is to paint them with vibrant hues and add a ‘wow’ factor in your salon’s ambience. You may go with different gradations of a single color or try mixing different hues to make the place livelier. Whatever you do just make sure that each corner resonates with your salon’s core values.



We’ve worked with different salons of Dubai as the providers of window tinting Dubai and we learnt that successful salon owners make best use of light and illumination. Adding light into your decoration gives your clients a feel of personalization and they stay happy during their visit for any particular treatment. Now here’s the trick that most people fail to understand and that is to use same conventional white bulbs. Instead of staying conventional why don’t you break the rules and play with colorful lights that emit very interesting beams to attract everyone? This approach always works and your salon would look very amazing especially during the evening.



You’re running a salon, you would be dealing with different glass based items in which windows and doors are on top right? Instead of using plain glass windows and doors, you may customize the appearance of your salon by using the services of window tinting Dubai. There are different premade window tints that offer a vibrant range of designs and textures. Secondly, the benefit of using window tints (by professional window tinting Dubai) is that they add security to your vulnerable glass windows and doors. Apart from the security features, you can always customize the window tints into your best interest to market any particular service that your salon offers.



As stated above, the window tints give you so many benefits and one of them is the customization facility that they have. Instead of using texture based window tints to treat your glass windows and doors, you may add graffiti in your salon’s decorations. This way, you may go creative and break that conventional appearance that most salons usually have in Dubai. Ask the providers of window tinting Dubai if they offer customized window tints and give your glass doors and windows a new life. So stand out using the services of window tinting Dubai to attract more customers and beat the competition with amazing decoration strategy.

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